The Secret Life Of Bees

By: Fabi Tripoli

Breaking News!

Is T. Ray going to come and find them? Lily Owens and Rosaleen have run away from their home in Sylvan to Tiburon South Carolina to find out more about her mother's history, and if what T. Ray has been telling her all along was really true. After a whole summer's search and tracking down a phone number, T.Ray came and found Lily and Rosaleen.

Background Knowledge!

The Secret Life Of Bees, is a book about a fourteen year old girl who has gone through a lot in her life for her age. For 10 years, she has been told that she is the reason why her mother Deborah passed. All of her life, her father has told her that she was the one, she was the one who killed her mother. Lily and Rosaleen want to find out the truth about what really happened and with faith and a couple of clues by her side, she was lead to the right place, the Boatwright’s house, the house where her mother grew up in Tiburon, South Carolina. With some shocking news are her mother, Lily is now extremely frustrated with her and is contemplating why she came all this way looking for someone who abandoned her in the first place with T. Ray. While facing a lot of obstacles throughout the book, in the end, Lily and T. Ray end up together through love. All summer long he has been looking for her and in the end, he really shows feelings for Lily.

New Knowledge!

In the end, Lily and Rosaleen are better off at the Boatwright's and T. Ray understands that they love and care for her more than he does. "Mr. Owens, you would be doing Lily and the rest of us a favor by leaving the whole business and helping us out with all her hard work." -August Boatwright Page 298


How are things with you and your father?
Lily: Things have cleared up a bit, I feel like he really does love me deep down, but won’t show it. He knew leaving me with the Boatwright’s was best for the both of us.

How does it make you feel that he came all this way to find you?

Lily: I true sign of love and forgiveness. Love for coming all this way, and forgiveness for blessing me with this wonderful family.

How did you manage to deal with this memory for so long?

Lily: It was killing me not knowing for so long. I had to find out the truth! I could barely sleep at night.

How did you decide to run off with Rosaleen?

Lily: I had to do what was best for me and Rosaleen. Not knowing what truly happened to my mother was the death of me. Luckily having found the container of honey was one of the best sightings ever.

How did you feel when you opened the door and saw your father?
Lily: I was completely shocked. I was a little nervous at first but extremely surprised. I would never, ever think in a million years that he would come all of this way for us.


Deborah Owens, 37, went up to heaven on September 10, 1950 in Sylvan, South Carolina. Due to her four-year-old daughter pulling the trigger, Deborah has left us. Her love for her daughter and husband were over the top. With a wonderful life, she defiantly lived it to the fullest. She was born on October 17, 1923 and was married to Terrence Ray Owens. She is survived by 14 year old daughter Lily, husband T. Ray, and all other family members. In remembrance of Deborah, if desired, friends and family may make memorial constitutions to The Pink House, Sylvan, SC 37293.