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Purcell High School - June 16, 2021

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Message from the Principal

Good Afternoon,

My best wishes to all Dragon families on a happy and safe summer. I hope many of you are able to enjoy more time with your families and a restful summer after such a challenging year for so many. It's certainly well-deserved for our kids.

I will send two summer newsletters, one in June and another in July, this year. This newsletter includes information about enrollment confirmation dates, learning platforms offered at the high school, application information for PAVE virtual school and profiles of new staff. For parents of incoming Freshman, the parent newsletter is sent every other week during the school year and is a valuable source of information, student celebrations, and updates of school happenings.

Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have. The best way to contact me during the summer is through my school email: Leave your number and I'll be happy to call you back.



Proud to be a Dragon.

Go Dragons!

Always feel free to call or email me if you have questions,

405-442-0099 ext 505

Enrollment Confirmation Dates

Enrollment confirmation allows students and parents to confirm pre-enrollment, obtain a paper copy of their upcoming course schedule, make an appointment to discuss possible schedule changes and for new students to complete enrollment packets. I've linked below our new student enrollment packet. Parents are not required to attend enrollment confirmation but of course are encouraged and welcome to attend. However, all freshman parents should plan on attending Freshman orientation which is combined with Freshman enrollment confirmation (see dates and times below).

We will have a station set up to help any parents login to parent portal. Parent portal allows parents/guardians 24/7 access to student grades on Infinite Campus, our student information system. Counselor, Administrators and Registrar will be on hand to assist. Enrollment confirmation and Freshman Orientation will be held in HS Commons.

Seniors: Monday, 7/26; 9AM-Noon

Juniors: Tuesday, 7/27; 9AM-Noon

Sophs: Wednesday, 7/28; 9AM-Noon

Freshman: Thursday, 7/29: 6PM-8PM (enrollment confirmation and orientation)

New Enrollment Packet

click on link to access forms and information for new students enrolling at PHS

Free Covid Vaccinations for Students

Please take note of this opportunity for free covid vaccinations for students 12 and up. These are strictly voluntary and NOT mandated by the school. Please be aware that based upon CDC recommendations students who are fully vaccinated will likely not have to be quarantined due to a covid exposure during the upcoming school year.
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Learning Platform Options for HS Students

Traditional--PAVE Hybrid--PAVE Virtual--Alternative School

Purcell High School offers students four learning platforms to our students. Although not every student is eligible for all paths available, the majority of PHS students will take at least one non-traditional course before they graduate. These different pathways to learning reflect the changing needs of our students and the increased flexibility both students and families need. It also reflects the dramatic changes and advancements in technology. Please be sure to read the summaries of each platform offered and don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

This year we have created a full-time PAVE Hybrid and Virtual Learning Coordinator position. Mr. Greg Dillard will supervise all students who choose and are approved for a PAVE learning path. Mr. Dillard has considerable experience supervising and facilitating online learning for students. He successfully mentored many of our virtual learners during the pandemic. He also has several years experience teaching hybrid and online courses

  • Traditional Learning: In-person learning for 6 classes per day 5 days a week. Learning occurs in a traditional setting with a blended source of instructional delivery combining teacher lectures, collaborative learning, google classroom and other online resources, textbooks, etc. All freshman are restricted to a traditional learning path unless they are approved for PAVE Virtual Learning.
  • PAVE Hybrid Learning: Students progress on a hybrid learning model. They can choose certain core classes as a PAVE Hybrid option. Primary instruction occurs through Odysseyware, our online curriculum resource. Here is a link to a parent intro to Odysseyware:
  • PAVE Hybrid (formerly known as PL classes) meet in-person twice a week for face-to-face instruction with a PHS teacher. Students meet in the library the other days under the supervision of Mr. Greg Dillard, our new PAVE coordinator. Students have the flexibility to work individually on those days or receive personal help from PAVE teachers. Every PHS teacher who has a PAVE course has an hour allotted which provides time for individualized tutoring session 3 days a week. Although instruction is primarily through Odysseyware on an online platform, teachers deliver instruction directly and through Google Classroom.

  • Why should a student choose the PAVE Hybrid model?
  1. Allows more flexibility for students who need more time allotted during the day for studying and homework. Students may choose to take certain core classes in a traditional setting and others in a Hybrid setting. For example a student may take Algebra 2 traditionally and U.S. History in a hybrid setting. This would allow the student to spend more time working individually during the day.
  2. Some students need a more individualized, self-paced path. Certain students struggle in a classroom setting and need more time to work on their own. PAVE Hybrid classes offer a more personalized path.
  3. Allows students more opportunities to receive one-on-one help from teachers.
  4. Students planning on attending college need experience with online learning. The Hybrid model offers students an opportunity to learn in a blended environment with support from a teacher.

  • What courses are offered at PHS through our PAVE Hybrid path?
  1. English 2
  2. English 3
  3. English 4
  4. U.S History
  5. Modern History
  6. Government
  7. World History
  8. Anatomy/Zoology
  9. Algebra 2

Most students have already enrolled in PAVE Hybrid courses through our pre-enrollment process last spring. Students interested in enrolling in PAVE Hybrid courses should contact the high school counselor Melissa Feroli at Freshman students are not eligible for PAVE Hybrid classes. Our PAVE committee will screen students and may recommend some students opt for traditional courses based upon their ability to learn and achieve success in a hybrid setting.

  • PAVE Virtual Learning: We offer select students the ability to enroll in a full virtual learning platform. The curriculum is completely online and students do not meet in classes. However they do have daily access to PHS teachers both in-person and online. Students can meet for assistance daily during 3rd hour in our library under the coordination of our PAVE coordinator. There is a PHS teacher available from each core subject during 3rd period every day. Some students may be required to attend in person 3rd hour based upon their grade or online progress in individual courses. Students and parents should refer to PAVE Handbook linked below if interested in applying for PAVE Virtual Learning.
  • Who is eligible for PAVE Virtual School?

  1. Any high school student is eligible to apply for PAVE Virtual School. Every application will be reviewed by our PAVE Committee: Melissa Feroli: counselor, Greg Dillard: PAVE Coordinator, and Candy McCurdy, teacher. Applications will be approved based upon the following criteria: A) Special individual or family circumstances and need for online learning B) Demonstrated success in an online learning environment C) Home learning support from parent/guardian D) Proven ability as a self-motivated learner.
  2. Full virtual learning is not for every student. Students will only be admitted to PAVE full virtual learning based upon their ability to learn and succeed in virtual learning

Students and parents interested in PAVE Virtual School should apply as soon as possible. The application is linked below and should be downloaded, completed and returned directly to the high school by mail, email, or in-person to the front office. PAVE Virtual course offerings are also displayed below. Applications can be emailed to Jason Sanders, High School Principal, at Applications can be mailed to:

Purcell High School

2020 N. Green Ave

Purcell, OK 73080

Attn: Jason Sanders

  • Purcell Alternative School: I've linked below important information regarding Purcell Alternative School. This option provides students the ability to attend school in the evenings and receive direct assistance from a PHS teacher in a small setting. Please click on the appropriate links below to learn more about PHS alternative school.
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PAVE Virtual Application

Click here to access application to PHS PAVE Virtual School

Click here to access PAVE Virtual Learning Handbook

guidelines and policies regarding PHS virtual learning

PHS Alternative Education Program

information regarding Purcell High School Alternative Education Program

Click on Link for access to all Staff emails

Do you need to email a teacher or administrator?Click on the link above for access to all staff emails.

Congratulations David Sikes

We are excited to introduce David Sikes as our new Assistant Athletic Director at the high school. David currently teaches social studies and serves as our head high school girls basketball coach. We look forward to his service to staff and students in this new leadership role.

Welcome new members to the PHS Dragon Family!

Four new additions were added to the Dragon family at this week's school board meeting. We are excited to welcome them aboard and look forward to working with them to serve our students. Please take a moment to learn more about our new Dragons!
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Sherrie Smith: New Sped Paraprofessional

Share a little about your background? Work, family, etc.

I grew up in church. The impact of God in my life has been so profound that my husband and I have dedicated our lives to the pursuit of knowing Him, and helping others discover Him for themselves.

I also want to share with you that I was a beauty salon owner/operator for many years in Arizona where I was born and raised for 40 years. Then I had children and my focus changed to want to work with children and to encourage them and cheer them on.

Where did you attend school? High School and/or College.

Tempe High School & Earls Beauty Academy in Arizona.

What is a fun or interesting fact that people may be surprised to know about you?

I lead worship on the piano with my husband, my son Daniel on lead vocals and guitar, and my other son David on drums and vocals.

Identify something about Purcell High School or the community that made you want to work here:

I have been involved with the schools for many years; but, my ultimate goal has long been to work in the high school. Kind of like, a minor league baseball player longs to go to the "Big Show", I have had my eye set on working with the kids.

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Bryan Young: Algebra 1 Teacher

Share a little about your background? Work, family, etc.

I have taught for 10 years. I have been married to my wife Melody for 6 six years. We have three children- 2 earthly daughters (LilyAnna 2 and Brynlee 6 months) and a son in heaven (Mattox 3).

Where did you attend school? High School and/or College.

Turpin High School (In the panhandle); University of Central Oklahoma

What is a fun or interesting fact that people may be surprised to know about you?

I grew up playing the piano (10+ years), but I have not played in almost 15 years.

Identify something about Purcell High School or the community that made you want to work here:

After growing up and attending a small school district, I knew I would eventually want to teach in one because of how much a smaller community supports their school. The amount of support from the community at a smaller district is important to me. I also knew it was time to find a district to work in where I would want my children to attend. I feel like Purcell is a great fit for me, and I know they will be welcoming to my family as well.

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Deserae Austin: Sped Paraprofessional

Where did you attend school? High School and/or College.

I attended dibble high school

What is a fun or interesting fact that people may be surprised to know about you?

Something most people are surprised by that I’m really interested in is I want to become a teacher someday and I’m currently saving so I can go to college to get my teaching degree.

Name a good movie you've watched or good book you've read lately:

2 hearts is a movie I’ve watched recently that I really enjoyed

Identify something about Purcell High School or the community that made you want to work here:I really like the area of Purcell and I was actually recommended by another new hire to try and apply because she knew I had a huge interest in eventually teaching someday.

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Roxanne Venegas: Sped paraprofessional

Share a little about your background? Work, family, etc.

I am married to Antonio and we have three amazing children: Daniel 9, Arianna 7 & Noah 5.

Where did you attend school? High School and/or College.

I attended OKC public school and currently attending OCCC. My major is business/accounting.

Name a good movie you've watched or good book you've read lately:

I recently watched Little Women and loved it! Now I will need to read the book.

Identify something about Purcell High School or the community that made you want to work here:

Purcell is such a very helping hand community and I love that! I want to be able to contribute my part to our community.


  • July 26th: Senior Enrollment Confirmation
  • July 27th: Junior Enrollment Confirmation
  • July 28th: Sophomore Enrollment Confirmation
  • July 29th Freshman Enrollment Confirmation / Freshman Orientation
  • Aug 9th: Teachers Report
  • Aug 12th: First Day of School
  • Sept. 6th: No School: Labor Day
  • Oct 4th: Parent Teacher Conference-secondary
  • Oct 7th: Parent Teacher Conference-secondary
  • Oct 15-18th: Fall Break

Parent Portal Information - Infinite Campus

Parents can now access student information on Infinite Campus (our new student information system) The link to parent portal is below.

IMPORTANT: you will need an activation key to access the parent portal. You must email Kim Cummings @ in order to get the activation key