The Day I Got Braces

Madilyn Frazier

When I woke up I was very nervous. So I got up and got dressed and then I ate breakfast. After I was done I brushed my hair and teeth.Then finally I got in the car and me and my mom were off to the orthodontist for me to get my braces. On the way I was scared.

When I finally arrived at the orthodontist I was really scared. I asked a lot of questions. When I stopped stalling they got started. It didn't hurt to much just a little every once and a while. My braces were on so I ran to the mirror to look. When i looked in the mirror i was shocked.

I actually didn't look as bad as I thought I would. So then they talked about stuff I couldn't do until I got my braces off. So my dad took me to a restaurant and all I could eat were French fries. Even that hurt a little. I can't wait to get them off.

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