Leadership Meeting

SME- April 23, 2014

SME Belief Statement

Every child has the right to receive quality instruction to prepare for college and career success in the 21st century. We will provide real world learning opportunities through technology, collaboration, communication, creativity and critical thinking. SME staff has the privilege of collaborating with highly motivated, creative and professional colleagues. We will continually evolve and improve upon our own teaching practices to create a rigorous, engaging learning environment.


  • Technology for next year- hardware and software
  • Refresh computers
  • Masking tape for broken parts
  • 1:1
  • Software-Orchard, Tumblebooks, First Math,Big Universe, Scootpad, Read Naturally, RAZ Kids, Reading A-Z, moreStarfall, Dreambox, AR, Sumdog, Co-Writer,
  • Suggestion for next year: Doceri, training for Enoboards,
  • Server memory issues- talk to team members about cleaning up
  • Manipulatives- ordering
  • Planning Day-May 12, 13 then all day May 16th
  • Share Data from Tri. 2
  • Questions for annual survey- ELD regroup, intervention, Common Core transition, dismissal working, lunches, Duty position, Committees,
  • Update on facilities
  • Team for next year-4th- Abby, 3rd- Wes, Sped- Jamie, 5th-Lulu
  • End Dates for intervention/wheel
  • Pink and Blues-
  • Picture top right corner
  • Red dot- behavior
  • Purple- Speech
  • Green- has IEP and goes to Learning Center
  • Orange- hosted with Learning Center
  • Need more academic, factual comments, not opinion statements
  • If you have a comment that you do not want a parent to see, put it on a post it on the back.
  • Tiger Facts- finished means at their grade level
  • STOM-if you can put the month they got it
  • Peace Patrol- change to SSA
  • SST & red folder
  • Home communication- Written- Eng/Span Spoken Eng/Span
  • Migrant Ed/CSUSM tutor
  • Food Back Pack
  • Intervention-whatever you wrote on google docs
  • Math-
  • Number Sense/Place Value
  • Delete benchmark score
  • Writing-3 types
  • Comments- put it in on if they have siblings in their grade level
  • Pink and Blues online in Synergy
  • AR- clarification
  • K-No vision hearing for TK
  • 1st- Progress reports in cums, Freaking Friday, retesting
  • 2nd-SST goals- immediate feedback, progress report for next year, Motivation/Meaning PD, Learning Center come to PLC meetings, Wheel behavior standard-guidance for what to do
  • 3rd-
  • 4th-Step-Up
  • 5th-Prep Time during wheel
  • Sped-n/a
  • -Lunch: revisit procedure

Leadership Meeting 2013-14

Wednesday, April 23rd, 3:30pm

Tiger Way

San Marcos, CA