Art Director

Educational and Professional Requirements

Educational/ professional requirements

  • Associates degree in Advertising, Communication Design, or Visual Arts.
  • Master of Fine Arts degree
  • Optional: Bachelors degree in art or design major
  • 3+ years of design experience in an agency setting( 6-8 years if no degree)
  • Exceptional computer skills( recommended computer courses)

Top Fine Arts Colleges

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University of Oregon

University of Oregon is located in Eugene Oregon. A city surrounded by diversity and originality. Eugene has a population of 157,986 people and is listed as one of the top 10 college towns. One interesting detail about the University of Oregon is that there are largely founded by alumni Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike. Eugene is known for is arts and outdoor activities. They are also known for their football team the “Oregon Ducks”. If you are walking around the campus you may hear some of their acapella groups preforming. Eugene is an active city. Many prefer to bike and run for transportation instead of drive. There are also other outdoor activities that surround Eugene such as hiking (there are tones of breathtaking trail right in town), rock climbing, skiing and more. Not to mention their many local art scenes and music venues.

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Yale University

Yale University is located in New Haven, the second largest city in Connecticut. 130,741 people currently call New Haven there home. It is known for its outstanding drama and music programs as well as their law and business programs. The graduate school of arts and science, 13 professional schools and the college all make up Yale University. New haven is also know for its 100+ restaurants in the down town area with cuisines like, Italian, Caribbean, Spanish, French, Mexican, Turkish, Japanese and so much more. A must see in New Haven is the Yale University Art Gallery. Some say New Haven is more dangerous than a city its size should be, but, most agree the down town Yale area is amazing.

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School of Visual Arts

The School of Fine Arts is located in New York City, where visual art is crucial to the city’s culture and economics. The School of Fine Arts has more than 900 working professional that share their talent with SVA faculty. The population of New York City is 8.337 million people. New York City is packed with, and I mean packed with, museums and theaters. There is art everywhere you look in New York. However, traffic is horrible. Being in the center of all the culture and creativity, the School of Visual Arts has developed the creative tools and networks needed for the best overall experience and education. They also provide information and connections for possible careers after college education.