Westwood Wrangler

Volume # 3 Issue # 18

The Big Rock: Email Communication

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It is paramount that you check your Caddo Parish email daily. This is a primary form of communication. You should archive, delete, or save these emails daily accordingly. This email does have storage limitations. When it is exceeded you will not be able to send or acquire new emails thus missing out of pertinent or important communications. This form of communication is a part of your job and thus falls under professional duties in your job description.

If you need your emails linked to your phone then please see Deputy Pearce. Ask her and she will facilitate your request.

Outlook or Web Based:

  • If you are using Outlook on your desktop you are able to archive.
  • If you are using the web based (like myself) then you can save your files via print to pdf. This will save an electronic file that you can place in a folder on your desktop for future reference.
  • (If directions are needed please check with Deputy Pearce or myself)

If pictures or small video clips are sent to you then you want to save those to your computer and then delete that email since it takes up a bit of storage space.

In addition to a number attachments (doc or pdf files) can consume large amount of space as well. Or an attachments with number of pictures in it like a newsletter.

Do not forget to CC Sheriff Ellis in emails.

Per Sheriff Ellis:

No one should be running out of space with the allocation of storage we currently have if you are checking and saving emails daily.

Grade level chairs please assist your team in inquiring if they are checking and maintaining their email inbox.

As we noted Sheriff Ellis always states that lack of communication is 99.99999 % of any issue. Let’s stay happy and ahead of the game by being proactive with communication.



What is Active Supervision?

Active supervision means that you are mobile/ moving or actively among the students monitoring. Scanning and getting a pulse of who may be off task or who requires redirections/ or correction. If you remain in one spot or cluster with coworkers this cannot be achieved. This approach ensures that we are proactive and cuts down on behavioral issues before they start.

Below is a youtube clip of non-active and active supervision:


Are you actively supervising?

Are you moving, scanning, and interacting with the cowboys & cowgirls?

Are you providing positive feedback to cowboys & cowgirls that are meeting expectations?

Thank You Dr. White / District Psychologist!!

The WW Ranch is thankful for Dr. White and the wonderful opportunities she provides to us through Caddo Parish Schools or Louisiana State University of Shreveport!

Marshalls and Deputies of the WW Ranch had the opportunity to attend the 2nd Annual Mental Health Awareness and Substance Abuse Conference the latter part of January. This is a state conference sponsored by agencies such as LSUS Continuing Education & Psychology Department, Caddo Parish Schools, Department of Health & Human Services of USA, Brentwood Behavioral Health, Northwest Louisiana Human Services District, Palmetto Addition Recovery Center, Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership, Council on Alcoholism & Drug Abuse of Northwest Louisiana, and Magellan Health Services.

The sessions offerings were geared from youth to adults to facilitate mental health professionals well being as educators, teachers, counselors, etc.

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Our Foundation

Please do not forget to re-teach expectations and Essential 55. It should be interactive and engaging to facilitate their knowledge of what is expected of them and their peers.
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