Perfection Pizza

If it's this good, it must be perfection!

Everyone likes pizza, so why not get the best!

Our pizza is made with handcrafted pizza dough and freshly made tomato and alfredo sauces! With just the right balance of sauces and toppings, who wouldn't want seconds, especially when the pizza is topped with fresh ingredients from local farmers! Opening July 18th, 2015!

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Looking for a job? We Need You!

Looking for a new place to work? We are now hiring for almost every position a pizza parlor could have, like cooks, deliverers, cashiers, and more! To make sure all of our employee's voices can be heard, there will also be an open labor union that is completely optional to be part of, so nobody feels pressured to participate in something they wouldn't like.

My business is a sole proprietorship, so any issues that may come up should be taken to and immediately fixed by me. If you are worried about the business failing, i can assure you that you will have a steady job for at least a year, as I have saved up copious amounts of money from my previous job as a Computer Engineer.

Worried about how my business will affect the environment? You don't have to! Our pizza boxes are made with 100% recyclable material, and most of the ingredients (and all of our toppings) are bought from local farmers.

If you are looking for a job, please submit your resume by September 30, 2014 at

Questions? Email me at