What is overfishing?

Overfishing is when humans catch too much fish that their population starts to drop.

What causes over fishing?

Overfishing occurs when people catch so much fish that the population can’t reproduce fast enough. People think that catching more fish than necessary means they will make more money on the fact that they have more fish. More fish does not equal more money.

The two different view points

There are two different views on this issue. There is the fishermen who are the ones who do the overfishing and think they are profiting and don’t realise that there are going to no more fish the way they are going. Then there are the other people who realise that what they are doing is going to kill out the and harm the earth massively.

How does this affect the environment?

Overfishing severely affects the environment. This is because billions of people rely on fish for protein, and fishing is the principal livelihood for millions of people around the world. Another reason is the food chain. The fish die out so does everything else that eats fish.

What is being done to solve this issue

People are dropping catch limits so that we cant catch as many fish, we are protecting the oceans and lakes more and we are being more strict on how much people are catching. We have also made overfishing illegal in the hope that people will not want to overfish so that they do not get fined.
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