Pembroke Community Middle School

October 19, 2020

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Greetings PCMS Families,

Below are the updated links and other relevant middle school information.

Progress Reports

Progress reports will be distributed in school during Titan Study on October 20 (Cohorts A & C) or October 21 (Cohort B).

Families of Cohort D students should log in to PowerSchool to monitor how their children are progressing in their ELA and math classes. There is a separate reporting process for the Edgenuity courses these students are taking.

Parents of all students can log in to PowerSchool anytime to monitor their child’s progress. Here is a link that may help: Parent Resources / Parent PowerSchool Login Instructions.

There is still time for students to improve grades before the term ends. Below lists all the term dates for the year.



Here are the lesson plans for this week:

G7 lesson plans 10.19 to 10.23

G8 lesson plans 10.19 to 10.23

Weekly lesson plans will be posted every Monday afternoon and links to the lesson plan will also be embedded in the team-based weekly Meet schedule.


Picture day will be held outside. All pictures will be taken under the tent if there is inclement weather. Coffee Pond is the company that will be taking the pictures. Cohorts A & C will have picture day on Tuesday, October 27 and Cohort B will have picture day on Wednesday, October 28. There will be blocks of times on both days for Cohort D students to have their picture taken. See below for the specific schedule.

Picture Day order forms will be distributed to students this week during Titan Study. If you prefer, you can order online instead:

CoffeePond: Directions for On-Line Ordering

All students will get their pictures taken during their Social Studies classes during the schedule provided. Cohort D students have two blocks of time on either day if they want their picture taken.

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Thank you to all of our parents who attended last week’s virtual open house!


We are hosting a virtual parent night on Wednesday, November 4th from 6:30-7:30 pm to introduce parents to our support staff and provide some specific information that parents may find helpful. Parents will meet our school psychologist, social worker, and school nurse. Each will discuss their different roles and how they can support your children while at PCMS. Then each will host a 30-minute breakout session. There will be time for questions at the end of each session. The topics for the breakout sessions are below:

Mrs. Joanne Earner, School Nurse

COVID & Kids: Managing COVID in school and at home

Mrs. Bryanna Kerr, School Psychologist

Virtual Learning Strategies for Students/Families

Mrs. Nicole Theriault, Social Worker

Anxiety Management in a Pandemic

Links to the presentations will be sent out next week.


Just a friendly reminder to parents to send a copy of your child's most recent physical examination report to school to update your child's health record.

If you haven't done so already, please create a Powerschool registration account and complete the MEDiCAL CONSENT AND INFORMATION form for 2020-2021.


Topic: PCMS PTO Meeting

Time: Oct 21, 2020 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 831 3268 2686

Passcode: PCMS10


Project Lead the Way is an organization we work with to offer PCMS students, via our Stem Lab courses, an opportunity to explore a project-based, STEM rich curriculum. PCMS was recently recognized by this organization for the high rate of student participation.

The communication we received is below:

Congratulations on your school being recognized for achieving 100% Project Lead The Way student participation, announced at last week’s PLTW Virtual Fall Conference.

Thank you for being a critical partner in bringing high-quality applied STEM learning to all of your students. We could not be happier to celebrate your work and the dedication of the PLTW educators in your building.

Attached you will find a certificate commemorating this recognition. Keep an eye on your mailbox for a banner that you can display in your school to celebrate this achievement!

Additionally, we shared this news with the larger Mass STEM Hub community on Twitter here.

I look forward to continuing our work together to bring meaningful opportunities to your students.


Mrs. Kerr (School Psychologist) and Mrs. Theriault (School Social Worker) will be hosting virtual lunch bunches.

The purpose of virtual lunch bunches is to provide an opportunity for students to connect with peers in an informal, fun setting while getting to know some of our counseling support staff.

A connection is a key to student success and our hope is that this will help students feel connected during a challenging and unique year.

Mrs. Theriault will host her lunch bunch for Cohort B and Cohort D students twice a month on Tuesdays from 11:40-12:00 pm. Mrs. Kerr will host her lunch bunch for Cohort A and Cohort D twice a month on Fridays from 11:40-12:00 pm.

This provides an opportunity for each cohort to participate in a lunch bunch every other week. We hope to see you there!

Mrs. Kerr lunch bunch link:

  • Friday 10/23
  • Friday 11/13
  • Friday 12/11
  • Friday 1/8
  • Friday 1/22

Mrs. Theriault lunch bunch link:

  • Tuesday 10/27
  • Tuesday 11/10
  • Tuesday 11/24
  • Tuesday 12/8
  • Tuesday 12/22

PCMS ATTENDANCE on Remote Support Days (Tuesdays-Fridays)

On these remote support days (Tuesday-Friday), students should be checking in with their Titan Teacher 3x/day to get attendance credit. Here are when students should be checking in with their Titan Teacher:

  1. Titan Homeroom 7:20-7:35

  2. Titan Study (times differ by teams)

  • Team 7.1 11:03- 11:34
  • Team 7.2 10:39-11:10
  • Team 8.1 12:05-12:36
  • Team 8.2 11:41-12:12

  1. Titan Teacher’s Office Hours 2:10-2:20

Students who check-in during all three attendance slots will receive credit for the day with the code VP (virtually present).

Students who check in during two of the attendance slots will get credit for half a day, VH (virtual half day).

Students who only check in 1x (less than half of the required check ins), will be marked VA (virtually absent), as will students who do not check in at all.

Here is a master list of Meet links so students can check in with their Titan Teacher: Master Meet Links/Nicknames by Teams

On the full remote half days (usually Mondays but a Tuesday this week), teachers take attendance every period and students should be attending all of their classes for the full class period on these days (25 minutes).

Students can access any teacher, as needed, to complete the school work they have been assigned on their at-home days. Students would use these schedules to access teachers for this support:

Team 7.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 7.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

We are hoping that by having the attendance check-ins separated from the teacher-support process, it will allow more time for students to get the support they need.


Below is a table that lists the different schedules and the most common platforms used at PCMS. We hope you find this helpful.

Remote Mondays

(or Tuesdays in instances of a Monday holiday)

Individual Remote Monday schedules are handed out to students on the Thursday or Friday of the previous week. Students follow their 7-period schedule, beginning at 10:45. If students misplace their schedule, they can log on to each of their Google Classrooms which will give them the link for joining the specific classes and also list any other important information.

Students must fully attend each of their seven classes on Mondays.

Teachers take attendance each period on Mondays.

In-School Days

Students follow their 7-period day, as listed in PowerSchool.

Here is the schedule of when the period courses meet:

PCMS In-School Schedule 20.21

Hybrid Remote Days

The middle school has a support model. Teachers have built-in times to be available to students created around their in-school teaching schedule. Teachers may not be available every day.

Students should log in during their teacher’s Meet or office hours anytime they have questions or are looking for support on completing the assigned work.

To receive attendance credit on remote days, students must attend 3 support blocks.

Team 7.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 7.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule


This is our student information system. You can find the list of your child’s classes there, their attendance, and their current grade. If you hit the grade within a specific class, it will bring you to a different screen where you’ll see the details on your child’s grade in that class as well as any missing assignments.

PowerSchool Parent Login Link:

Google Classroom

These are course-specific sites, set up by teachers by period or by period & cohort. Teachers post their meeting links here, as well as assignments and any ongoing announcements. Students can post questions here and teachers will respond. The Google Classroom sites should really be the students “go-to” place if they have any questions. This is also the place where students electronically submit their assignments.

Parents can get notifications from their child’s Google Classroom so you can help your child stay current on their work. Most teachers have already sent invites via whatever parent email is listed in PowerSchool. You may want to check your junk folder but if you haven’t received an invite, email your child’s teachers to ask to be invited.

Remote Support Schedules

Remote Support Schedules: All hybrid remote students must log in to a teacher Meet at least 3x/day for any day they are learning from home on their cohort’s remote days. There are at least 3 courses available for check-ins on each day.

For Cohort A, their remote check in days will be on Wednesdays & Fridays.

For Cohort B, their remote check in days will be Tuesdays & Thursdays.

Students should only check in with classes on their current, Term 1 schedule. So, for example, if your child does not have art until Term 2, they should not check in with the art teacher. Outside of those required check-ins, students should access teacher supports, using this schedule, whenever needed. These are not the schedules students would follow on Mondays (more details on that below).

Team 7.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 7.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.1 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

Team 8.2 office hour/weekly Meet schedule

General Instructions:

Using the Google Chrome Browser, go to:

In the space provided: Enter the Meeting Code or Nickname supplied by your teacher.

Please do not post or share google meet codes/or websites.

All 5 Pembroke PTO Fundraiser!

All 5 Pembroke PTO Fundraiser!

All the Pembroke PTOs are working together on this amazing Sign Fundraiser with Rustic Marlin! For $20, you can choose between 2 different Pembroke signs. All proceeds will be split evenly among North Pembroke, Hobomock, Bryantville, Pembroke Community Middle School, and Pembroke High and will go towards supporting our students and teachers!


Cash, Venmo @pps-pto-5 (Bypass the request to verify phone number)

or Checks {Make payable to Hobomock PTO}

We are taking pre-orders till October 30th Order form available here: