Week-At-A-Glance Sept. 19 - 23

The Minnie Howard Campus of TC Williams HS

Every student succeeds!

An Educator's Quote for the Week...

Thank You MH Teachers for being GREAT and INSPIRATIONAL!!!!

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Titan of the Week & The Minnie Howie Award

Titan of the Week:

Titan of the Week is Ms. Christine Lowe!!

Ms. Lowe was caught rocking her Titan Gear Friday for Spirit Friday!!! Thank you Ms. Lowe for showing your Titan Pride and showing your school spiritl!!!

Ms. Lowe please enjoy the Titan of the Week premium parking spot in the front lot! :)

How can you get the Titan of the Week Upper Lot Award? It is easy! Just wear Titan Gear or college wear on Fridays and your name will be entered into a drawing that morning. Each week in Ms Wood's Week-At-Glance the next week's winner will be announced.


Minnie Howie the Roaming Gnome Award

Goes to... Ms. Chelsea Bradford & Ms. Stephanie Ghent!!

Ms. Brummond writes... First, thank you so much for the honor of receiving Minnie Howie for the first full week of school. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with you all! This week as I nominate and pass on Minnie Howie, I was unable to select just one person. It has been a great week at MH campus, and two teachers who particularly rocked were Chelsea Bradford and Stephanie Ghent. While many have given time to write lessons for Freshman Seminar, none have devoted themselves to this task the way Ms. Ghent and Ms. Bradford have. It is rare to see Ms. Bradford without a smile, and with Ms. Ghent’s determination and perseverance any goal can be achieved. From jumping in and teaching lessons when technology is not working, to organizing the Google classroom, Ms. Bradford and Ms. Ghent highly deserve the Minnie Howie award. It is my good fortune to get to work with two such dedicated staff members. Thanks for being so awesome, and motivating me to a high standard of excellence each day!

Thank you Ms. Bradford & Ms. Ghent for being AWESOME!!!

If you were wondering...

What is the Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award?

This award gives us another way to recognize and celebrate each other. Minnie Howie is passed on from person to person each week.

What do you do when you receive the Minnie Howie Roaming Gnome Award?

Prominently display the award in your classroom or office. You can even brag a bit and carry Minnie Howie with you when you travel the building.

When and how do you pass Minnie Howie to the next awesome colleague?

At the end of the week, write up a short celebration blurb in which you name the next awardee and share a few things about him/her that you want to recognize and share. Send the blurb to Ms Wood for her Sunday "Week-at-a-Glance." On Monday morning, deliver Minnie Howie to the awardee.

And the cycle continues...

Brought to you by Titans Succeed / Renaissance Committee in appreciation of all that you do to make this a great place to work and learn.

Freshman Seminar Lesson in Google Classroom!

Each day a lesson is provided! There will be Freshman Seminar committee members and administration strolling the hallways for support.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Classroom and need to join our class, please follow the steps below:
1. Go to classroom.google.com
2. In the upper right-hand corner, next to your ACPS email address, click the + sign
3. Choose the option "join class"
4. Enter code 38nlh7

Sept. 19th: New Teacher Mtg. @3:30 in Rm. 120

Sept. 19th: Fire Drill @ 2:00pm

Evacuation Drill Schedule/Procedures



September 19 / 2:00 p.m.(Fire Drill)

September 26 / 8:50 a.m.(Lock Down)

Lock Down Drill Procedures

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Sept. 21st: MH Back to School Night

Minnie Howard's Back to School Night Schedule...
4:00pm MH Staff Fellowship Dinner in the MH Cafeteria ... Bring a desert to share!
6:30pm State of the Schools Address w/ the Principal & Administrative Team
7:00pm Classroom visit begin 10 minute sessions with 5 minute transitions
9:00pm Back to School Night 2016 concluded

***Teachers should be in their rooms by 6:45pm to receive parents.

Friday is Support your Alma Mater Day!!!!

Wear your college gear to show your school spirit and promote college awareness!!!!

We are ONE and as ONE we work together!