a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, esp. as determining the position of one point in space relative to another.

SIMPLE DEFINITION: vectors find the direction (where an object is going) and the magnitude

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A vector is a numerical value in a specific direction, and is used in both math and physics. The force vector describes a specific amount of force and its direction. You need both value and direction to have a vector. Both. Very important. Scientists refer to the two values as direction and magnitude. The alternative to a vector is a scalar. Scalars have values, but no direction is needed. Temperature, mass, and energy are examples of scalars.

Practice questions:

True or False?:

1. vector will show the direction of the force and the size of the force

2. Vectors are scalar quantities

3. Vectors can be added and scalar quantities cannot

4. Vectors are shown with arrow

Answers. 1.T, 2.F, 3.F, 4.T

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