Sixth Grade Quest!

See you on Tuesday! Read below for reminders and news!

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Looking forward to seeing you!

I just got back from my adventure to Europe, and now I'm ready for our adventure in getting to know each other.

In class next week, we will be talking about advice. What advice would you give your kindergarten self? What about your nine-year-old self? What advice do you think forty-year-old you would give to you as you embark on middle school?

Mrs. DelGuidice and I have a video, a game, and a creative project planned for you already.

See you soon!

Parent Meeting: September 29th

Hot off the presses!

On September 29th, from 3-4 p.m. at the Holland Brook School Library, Mrs. Hengst and I will be leading our annual Quest Meeting for parents of gifted students. The target audience is parents of students who are new to a school (all sixth grade parents) and parents of students who are new to the gifted program at any age level.

We will be discussing traits and needs of gifted students, as well as details about the programs and opportunities in RMS.

Please let me know if you plan to attend!

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