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November 2019

Mission Statement & Vision Statement

To enhance whole student wellness in support of health and learning by advancing school nursing practice.

Student access to health and learning. All day. Every day.

This newsletter takes NASN’s Framework for 21st Century School Nursing Practice approach.


President's Message

Fall is here and the school year is in full swing. In my area of the state the seasons of fall and winter are fighting. Yesterday we didn’t get above freezing and tomorrow we are supposed to have a high in the 70’s. It makes it very difficult when trying to decide what to wear.

TSNO completed their 17th annual conference this past weekend and it was a huge success. We had over 330 school nurses attend. The speakers were awesome, several I would like to hear again, and the location was amazing. If you have never attended the conference you don’t know what you are missing. Besides being able to complete over half of your required CNEs in a year, you also have the opportunity to network with school nurses from across the state.

In January of 2019, the World Health Organization (WHO) had a meeting where the director-general of the W.H.O., Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, made the official proposal to declare 2020 the year of the nurse and the midwife.

Dr. Ghebreyesus spoke of how nurses are the "bridge" of healthcare, a crucial link between the people of the community and the complex healthcare system. Nurses are on the "front lines" of healthcare, he says, and because of this, they are the key factor in achieving universal health coverage, which is an initiative the W.H.O is spearheading for the sake of bringing adequate healthcare to humans across the globe.

Dr. Ghebreyesus, who is an incredibly accomplished and impactful public health advocate, spoke with much pride and endearment of the nursing body, expressing how the role of nursing shall be "amplified and promoted" as the work of W.H.O. and Nursing Now moves forward.

Towards the end of his declaration, he sealed the deal by bringing attention to the fact that 2020 is also the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale, and according to Dr. Ghebreyesus, "we need to celebrate people like her who have contributed greatly to humanity."

What does this mean for the field of nursing? Annette Kennedy, who is the president of the International Council of Nursing, says this is an important stepping stone for nurses for many reasons: it will promote an excellent standard of education for nurses, create better working environments to retain nurses in the field and advocate for more advanced nurses which in turn gets more people better healthcare coverage.

I challenge each of you to find a way to let your district know that 2020 has been declared the Year of the Nurse. I will search for ways to accomplish this and share them with you through social media. TSNO is on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Like us and become a member of the group to get this information from us.




Take care of yourself in the coming weeks. Besides being the ‘most wonderful time of the year’ it is also busy and stressful. Take time for you!

Have a wonderful November,



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Were you unable to attend TSNO 2019?

If so, check out #TSNO2019 on Facebook or Twitter for pictures and conference takeaways! Also stop by the TSNO website conference page and download the invaluable speaker information and presentations before they're gone! See the list of powerful and amazing speakers below!


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Power of the Purse Update!

Power of the Purse is TSNO's state conference fundraiser. This year we established the TSNO Disaster Relief Fund and raised $1900 to provide assistance to nurses that have experienced a natural disaster! Thank you to all who donated and all who purchased purses!

Photo credit Joe Luna Photography

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FREE for NASN members are NEWLY RELEASED products for contact hours:

· Building and Leading Effective Coalitions for School Nurses – 0.4 CNE

· Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: School Nurses Can Improve Outcomes – 1.25 CNE

· Walking in Unchartered Waters: The ACEs Epidemic Impacting School Communities – 2.0 CNE

· Navigating Undocumented Life in the School System – 1.25 CNE

· What’s New in Diabetes Technology and How to Manage Care in Schools – 1.25 CNE

· Health and Education Data Sharing Across Sectors – 1.0 CNE

· Protecting Young Adults from Meningococcal Disease – 1.0 CNE

· Enhancing Your Virtual Footprint: The School Nurse’s Professional Health Office Website – 1.0 CNE

Earn contact hours with these latest webinars available today in the NASN e-Learning Center. Another valuable benefit of membership from NASN!

In your service,


Francis Luna, MSN, RN, NCSN

TSNO-TX Director

NASN Executive Director Member


A Friendly Reminder from DSHS

To Texas School Districts:

In the 86th Legislature, HB 3884 required the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to create procedures for school districts to provide information relating to bacterial meningitis to students and parents. This requirement was previously assigned to the Texas Education Agency (TEA). DSHS has created a website with bacterial meningitis information aimed at students and parents.

School districts should provide the information from the DSHS website on the district website. Alternatively districts may provide a link to the DSHS page on the district website. For school districts that do not maintain a website, the information should be provided in hard copy to each student. A printable version of the information is available on the website.

For questions, please contact us at schoolimm@dshs.texas.gov or 800-252-9152.

Thank you,

Julie Ketelsen MPH, CHES

School Compliance Coordinator

Assessment, Compliance, and Evaluation Group

Immunization Unit

Department of State Health Services

Phone: 512-776-6470

Fax: 512-776-7544



National Certification

The Nationally Certified School Nurse credential reflects competence and professionalism. To earn the NCSN a nurse must demonstrate a high level of education, clinical practice experience and knowledge.

To learn more visit https://www.nbcsn.org/


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Please take 2 minutes to complete this survey for The Immunization Partnership! See contact information below for more questions or comments!

Katy Gore, MPH
Coalitions and Education Program Manager
The Immunization Partnership
Direct: 281-769-3087

Immunize. Prevent What’s Preventable


Check out these grants and awards available from DSHS

Grants and Awards Program

The School Health Program awards funds to Texas schools and school districts for projects that improve or promote health. The projects should engage students, their families and the community.

The application deadline for the following awards is Friday, November 22, 2019.

Email completed applications to schoolhealth@dshs.texas.gov.

Reaching for Excellence in Texas School Health

The Reaching for Excellence in Texas School Health Grant funds new projects that focus on nutrition, physical activity or injury prevention. Eligible projects should engage students, their families and the community. They should include plans to continue the project past the initial 1- to 2-years.

Schools or school districts will receive up to $4,500 to implement projects during the first year. They then will be eligible to apply for an additional $4,500 to expand and improve the project during a second year. When the 1- to 2-year grant period ends, the project may be eligible for growth and sustainability awards through a Discovery Award.

Reaching for Excellence in Texas School Health Application

Awards for Excellence in Texas School Health

The Awards for Excellence in Texas School Health is an awards program led by the School Health Program. It gives Texas schools and school districts cash prizes for their school health projects that improve the lifelong physical, mental and social well-being of their students, staff and school community.

  • The Discovery Award funds existing projects that schools or school districts want to expand, either on a single campus or to multiple campuses. The projects should engage students, their families and the community. They also should include plans for continuation of the project with an eye toward long-term integration into the school program. Winners will receive grants of up to $4,500 to fund expansion of the program for one year. Winners also may be eligible to apply for a Vanguard Award of up to $4,500 in sustainability funding for an additional year.

    Discovery Award Application

  • Discovery Award winners may be eligible for a Vanguard Award. Eligible applicants must have won a Discovery Award within the past two years. They also must submit plans for the project's long-term integration into the school or school district's health program. Vanguard Award winners will receive up to $4,500 in sustainability funding for one year.

    Vanguard Award Application
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#TSNO2019 Conference Moments. Enjoy!

Conference photo credit Joe Luna


Please enjoy this amazing article on building nursing leadership!


Texas Nurses in the Literature!

Have you seen the latest edition of the NASN School Nurse? Amy Huey, BSN, RN from Highland Park ISD is featured in the article Millennial School Nurses- A Roundtable Discussion! Check it out!
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The Value of Membership

Could you refer just one friend to join TSNO/NASN if you shared this little tidbit?

Did you know that, for less than $160 per year (the cost of TSNO/NASN membership), you can bring valuable vision resources to your students? Imagine if each student you provided with a VSP Global vision voucher required an eye exam and glasses valued at $400. If you used 25 vouchers for qualifying students, you would save your school community $10,000! See the PDF below for more information, and if you are ready for a friend referral, share this link:


This is just one example of how membership pays for itself! Stay tuned for more examples!


An NASN CNE Review courtesy of Linda Howard!

I just finished the online NASN CNE, School Nurse Workload and Student Outcomes presented at a NASN conference by Donna Daughtry and Martha Engelke in 2017. Some of you may have attended this session at NASN.

This is such a good presentation!! It showcases a reproducible model of care of assigning nurses by campus acuity to achieve improved student outcomes. It is not just about making nurse assignments, it is about campus population assessments, interventions, and SNs availability to improve student health outcomes. I especially appreciated how SN availability and improved-health-outcomes were (can be) measured and correlated. I identified so many ideas that could be assimilated by school health directors and coordinators into their programs to improve population outcomes and assess program effectiveness. Regardless of the size or type of school a nurse is assigned to, the content of this presentation has value.

  • The SN tools are real—not merely academic.
  • The SN situations are real—not merely academic.
  • The SN goals are challenging but doable on a measurable scales.

The 1 hour and 9 minutes (CNE 1.0 hour) is a time-worthy professional investment.

Linda Howard

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Here are just a few amazing conference vendor takeaways!


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Did you know...

The TSNO website has a "Resource" link with so much valuable information in just one click of the mouse! Examples include advocacy tools, AED's, asthma resources, confidentiality, diabetes care manual, federal agency links, food allergies, models, IHP Templates (my personal favorite), position statements, Scope and Standards, and so much more! Check it out at this link:




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