Earth Science Weekly

Mrs. Wilkinson

Week of April 11-15

Monday: Age of the Earth/ Relative vs. Absolute Age

Tuesday: Who's On First Relative Dating Activity

Wednesday: Rules of Relative Dating/ Snickers Lab

Thursday: Unconformities/ Building Uncomformities Lab/HW Packet DUE

Friday: Methods of Absolute Dating/ Relative Dating QUIZ

Hot Topics

We finished up the 3 types of rocks with a summative assessment today. Grades should be posted some time over the weekend.

Next week we will begin chapters 8 & 9 that deal with the age of the Earth and the fossil record. These topics tend to bring about a bit more "discussion" than sedimentary or metamorphic rocks! As we look toward next week, students will be learning how geologists use both relative methods of dating (observations of the rock layers) and absolute methods of dating (radiometric dating) to place an age on the Earth and universe.

I realize that some families may hold different views as to the age of the Earth. I encourage you to talk with your students and keep conversations open if content in class conflicts with what your family believes. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!

Connect Four

If you happen to have an old game of Connect Four, Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders sitting around your house, would you be willing to donate it to the Earth Science class? Students love to play these "throw back" games and one twist is to turn them into review games where students must first answer a science-based question in order to "earn" a turn.

If you happen to have a gently-used version at your house or see one sitting at the Goodwill, would you be willing to donate it to our classroom?