Alexander Graham Bell

The Great Inventer

Early life of Alexander Graham Bell

He was born on march 3,1847 he was born endenburg Scotland , his mother was deaf and a magcition , his mothers name was Eiza Grace Symonds. His fathers name was Alexander Melville Bell. His father was also a prfesser of speech at the university of endenburg. Alexander Graham Bell was home schooled until he was 11years old.He attended endenburg royal high school .He was only 12years old. When he built a wheat grain machine.

Inventer Information

He invented the phone .The telephone is most remembered for fast communication .Alexander graham bell maid his own middle name around the age 11 instead of just Alexander Bell to Alexander Graham Bell . Alexander was not only a talented inventer but a gifted teacher to. Bell won his patent for the telephone by filling his calm hours ahead of Elisha gray . After the telephone ,Bell went on to develop an array of interesting inventions . In his older years Bell was fascinated by flight and motion .

Impact of Invintions

Alexander Graham Bell impacted my life by making a telephone so that I can take selfies on it all the time .The real reason of the telephone is to be able to communicate without having to travel to the person .

Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. It was invented for easy communication .It probably was not the easyist procese for him, the telephone he probably had to redo the experimaent a couple times .He probably had to do a lot of expirements for the simple process of the telephone.

Alexander graham bell also invented the twisted pair. Wich is a pair of copper wires bundled together. Inventing the twisted pair probably took a while to come up with, because he had to have the right stuff, and it probably took a lot of other inventions.

Additional information

Alexander Graham Bell age 29 he invented the teleohone. His cause of death was his diabiets .His residence was the united kindom Canada united states . He is known for the telephone. His awards are 1902 Albertmedly 1907 john friz medal .

Alexander Graham Bell had 4 kids he had a son named Robert Bell, and a doughter named Elsie Bell,a son named Edward Bell, and a doughter named Marion Hibbard Bell.