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LARGE INTESTINE by Nick, frank, carlos, jack

physical appearance and location

7ft to 8ft long and is in the lower abdomen

Facts about the Large Intestine and the Digestive Department

Facts about the Large Intestine

- The route of the large intestine looks like an upside down “U”.

- It takes 30-45 minutes for gasses to pass through the large intestine.

- Food drying up and hanging from the large intestine can last 18 hours-2 days.

- The large intestine is approximately 5-8 feet long.

- In your lifetime, your large intestine may handle about 50 tons.

-we eat about 500kg of food per year

- the esophogus is approximently 25 centimeters long

-11.5 liters of digestive juices flow through the human body everyday

-perastalsis defies gravity

-within 2-6 hours, all the food is dumped into the small intestine

If large intestine was removed

Toxic-mega colon is also another disease. its when your body slowly becomes toxic. You would have constant diarea. Inflamatory bowel disease is a chronic inflamation of most parts in the digestive system.

Function and importance

Absorbs water and other liquids from fecal matter. The large intestine also moves waste out of your body.

The small intestine and large intestine

Both intestines have to work together to pass the food. Small intestine- responsible for absorbing nutrients out of the food.


If the digestive digestive system were to dissapear, the circulatory system would be in danger because no nutrients would come from the food we eat.