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May 2016 Memo

April 2016 Top 10 in Sales

Kathy Chaney

Nashville, TN


Sam Petty

Dyersburg, TN


Christy Carraway

Murray, KY


Melissa Couvillion

Stockton, CA


Caroline Newkirk

Madison, MS


Shanna Donald

Philadelphia, MS


Jayme Griffin

Ridgeland, MS


Renee Hitchcock

Nashville, TN


Krystal Garcia

Franklin, TN


Emily McMillan

Collinsville, MS


Welcome to Many Pearls! April New Stylists!

Amanda Karns - Nashville TN (Krystal Garcia)

Alyssa White - Tampa, FL (Krystal Garcia)

Christy Carraway - Murray, KY (Morgan Carman)

Rashonda Ocain - Mobile, AL (Alisha Atwood)

Brianna McLaughlin - Hazelhurst, MS (Stephanie Wilson)

Jessica Shaw - Clarksville, TN (Kayla Boesch)

Chelsea Brock - Martin, TN (Sam Petty)

Emily McMillian - Collinsville, MS (Shanna Donald)

Kindal Nay - Meeker, CO (Arielle Snyder)

Nzinga Wallace - Jackson, MS (Lauren Garrick)

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Sign Up Special Extended!

We had an amazing April adding 10 new stylists to our team! I challenge each of you to add one more during our Sign Up Special extension! Your goal is to invite at least 10 prospectives! Go join FB event (all details are below) and invite your 10 right now! There's never been a more exciting time to be a Stylist - and this is so much more fun with a friend! NEW STYLISTS - reap the maximum rewards of your Jumpstart by bringing along a friend to learn and earn together.
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Online Meet Stella & Dot.

Tuesday, May 3rd, 8:30pm


For more information, visit the event page on Facebook.

Who will the first Qualified Stylist in May?

The first stylist to sell $500 PQV in May will receive a copy of Jessica's new book!
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Contest rules:

  • 1 entry for every $500 PQV
  • 2 entries for each stylist you sign and qualify (she sells $500 PQV) in May
  • DOUBLE all your entries by selling at least $500 by 5/15!

Winner drawn and announced 6/1!

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May is going to be A-May-Zing!

Did you know May is one of the biggest months for retail? With Mother's Day, Graduations, weddings and Summer vacations, women like to shop this month! Jessica challenged us to DOUBLE our efforts this month - so if you normally do one show, do two. Normally do 3? Go for 6! This is the month to do it - and you will be very happy to have a nice pay check this month. Update your WDYK list, warm up your propsective hostesses, and follow up by picking up that phone! Practice #2242 and you will see HUGE rewards!

As a reminder, 2-2-4-2 stands for:

  • 2 contacts a day which result in
  • 2 online orders a week and
  • 4 trunk shows a month and
  • 2 new stylists a month.


I get asked a LOT about the "magic pill" to be successful in this business and guess what? There isn't one. Your actions are the only magic you need and calling two people a day 5 days a week is an easy one! #2242workswhenyoudo

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1. Warm up 10 hostesses a weeK

2. Call 2 a day/5 days a week

3. Book shows!

4. Lather - Rinse - Repeat

5. Reap the rewards of lots of cash for SUMMER!

Kathy Chaney, Associate Director

I would LOVE to chat with you about your May goals. As you know, I will NEVER bug you - I'm not your boss! But, I'm here to HELP you HELP yourself. So, if you want help with your business in May, email me to arrange a time to chat!