Year 6 Newsletter

Term 1 - 28th October, 2016

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Hope you all had a happy and not too scary Halloween Barbecue!

Dear Parents,

We hope you enjoyed the fun and festivity of last Friday's Halloween Barbecue.

It was great to see all your weird and not too scary costumes....

Unit of Inquiry;

Central Idea: Understanding of Scientific knowledge is constantly evolving and has an impact on people's lives.

Lines of Inquiry:

  • Advances in scientific knowledge and understanding (causation)

  • Application of scientific knowledge in our lives (connection)

  • Protocols associated with scientific research. (responsibility)

Science Experiments:

We have been busy carrying out a range of scientific experiments in class and learning to follow protocols in our testing. The children have been excited to test their ideas and curious to find out why things have happened.

Final Stages of The Unit

Over the next few weeks the children will be working in groups to investigate an area of science that interests them as a group. For homework, they will be planning and preparing an experiment, finding out the scientific knowledge and understanding behind the experiment, thinking of how this area connects and applies to real life situations and thinking of the next steps to go deeper into their investigation and inquiry. They will then be doing further testing, analysis and application in class as they prepare for their science presentations to Year 5 students on the 14th November.

Please support your budding scientists with their testing and inquiry!

English: Explanation Writing

Students have continued looking at the purpose and language features of explanation texts. They have been following the Scientific Method to structure and write up their experiments.


Children have spent the last three weeks looking at multiplication. Please ask your child what their preferred strategy is. We will now be moving onto revising division strategies and looking at the relationship between the two.

Y6 Box of Hope

We would like all Y6 children to take part in this wonderful opportunity to give to others in need. Please discuss this project with your child and encourage them to support this great cause!

The final date to hand in your boxes is Friday 4th November!

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Y6 Swimming Gala -fun for all!

Who would have believed the glorious sunshine that we had for this year's Swimming Gala? What a fantastic day! It was great to see all of the children having so much fun in the water. Some great competition and excellent team spirit all around.....

Important Dates:

28th October - PTA Family Barbeque

4th November -final date to hand in your Box of Hope

14th November - Y6 children to share their science presentations with Y5

22-25 November - Year 6, APA Camp