The Wright Review

2015 - 2016 Third Grade Weekly News

Please, encourage your child to wear and bring warm clothes to school. We are going to see single digit degrees soon. We like to take the kids outside for recess as often as possible and will likely go outside until the temperature drops below 10 degrees.

Welcome Back!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break! I did!

The kids were filled with energy Monday morning and couldn't wait to share their stories, catch up with friends and just have fellowship with their peers.

It sounded like most kiddos had a lot of fun over their two weeks off.

Thank you for the congratulatory e-mails this week. The class and I had fun celebrating. I love that the class loves to celebrate anything and everything. Life is too short to not be "in" the moment.

We celebrated the new year by "ringing" in the new year! Check out some of our excitement below!

NWEA and Catching Up

What a fullweek! Here is a quick break down:
  • Math: The class is nearing the end of Unit 6 in Math. We have a few more vocabulary words to learn and applications to demonstrate, and then we will be ready to demonstrate our mastery of GEOMETRY. Math Vocabulary Test will be this Thursday and the Unit Test will be Friday.
  • Reading: With NWEA, we focused mostly on revving up our independent reading skills and focusing on our fluency skills.
  • Grammar: We are focused on how and when to use a pronoun in a sentence.
  • NWEA: Whew! Three tests in three days is intense! Our class did great! They didn't complain once - at least not to me.
Scholastic Book Orders

If you would like to order books for your child through scholastic's website, please click on the link above. Checks can still be sent to the classroom and I will mail the orders.

Special's Schedule

  • Monday: Art
  • Tuesday: Music
  • Wednesday: Library (bring the library books to school.)
  • Thursday: STEM
  • Friday: Gym **bring/wear tennis shoes

Next Week

Here is a look into next week:

  • Math: Geometry (two tests)
  • Reading: Theme
  • Writing: ISTEP Writing
  • Grammar: Verbs and Subject-Verb Agreement

Upcoming Date:

  • January 14: Geometry Vocabulary Test
  • January 15: Geometry Test
  • January 15: Favorite Book Character Day
  • January 18: NO SCHOOL