The Green Energy Kriya for Opportunity and Prosperity

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22nd July, 2013 is the Gurupurnima full moon and the perfect time to begin a 40 day sadhana for prosperity. I’ll be teaching the Opportunity and Green energy set. “This set attracts opportunities and opens up the Heart Center. It allows one to approach prosperity from the Heart Center consciousness or plane of attraction. This consciousness can be summarized as follows: The more I open myself, the more I can attract. I don’t need to struggle; I have the ability to attract opportunities. Realize that opportunities and prosperity can come in different forms than you have previously imagined. Believe that you deserve prosperity, and that God loves you.”

Yogic science teaches that it takes 40 days to create or change a habit. A 40-day commitment to a practice can provide the shift needed to develop a healthy habit or to drop a destructive habit. In yogic terms, a sadhana is a daily personal practice. It is something you do every day for your own upliftment and expansion. It is a practice of connecting to your intention in a focused and conscious way.

Doing something every day for 40 days is demanding. It is difficult. And you can do it! A 40-day practice gives you the experience of discipline the experience that you can go through life's challenges and create the change you desire.

There will be days when you don't want to keep going. But as Yogi Bhajan, the Master Teacher of Kundalini Yoga, always said, "Keep up and you will be kept up!" Keep going and, at the end, you will have truly accomplished something.

We invite you to do something that is a gift for you and for Mother Earth. Commit to own expansion, your own self healing, your own bliss and let it spread. Help us create peace and joy one breath at a time.

Sat Nam,

Anita Prem Anand


Starts: Tuesday 23 July until the 31st August 2013

Time: 5.45am – 8am

If you want to come and join the 40 day challenge book NOW! Places are limited to 14 participants on a first come basis. Tel: 8600-521941

40 Days – 4000 Rupees
21 Days - 3000 Rupees
7 Days – 2000 Rupees
Drop in class - 350 Rupees

"Getting up in the morning to do your sadhana does not mean you will become God. No, getting up in the morning, you will become you!" – Yogi Bhajan