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World War 1 Pictures

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That is a picture of people in a trench
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That is a picture of people shooting at World War 1

2 Key People in World War 1

One key person in World War 1 is President Woodrow Wilson. Another key person is Villa. Woodrow Wilson was the president of the United States during the time. Villa was a person that made Germany want to give Texas to Mexico.

The Countries Involved in World War 1

The people on the allies were France, Great Britain, Russia, and the United States. They were going against the central powers, who were Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire.

Why U.S. Joinned

The United States joined because Germany was offering Texas to Mexico.

Texas' Role

People fought from Texas in WW1. Texas' railroad network helped move men and equipment quickly.

How World War 1 Ended

The Allied powers won World War 1

Great Depression

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Herbert Hoover's Role

Herbert Hoover was the president during most of the Great Depression. Hoover had a lot of bad ideas to help Americans.

Events Leading up to the Great Depression

People put money in the stock market. Then the stock market crashed.

How Franklin D. Roosevelt Took America Out of the Great Depression

Roosevelt made the New Deal so America could get out of depression. The New Deal provided relief for the poor, jobs for unemployed people, recovery for the economy, and economic reforms to prevent another depression

What Caused the Dust Bowl Effect and How Did It Affect Farmers?

Farmers overplanted and contributed to the Dust Bowl. It affected farmers by seeping into some of their houses, by suffocating livestock, and it caused some people to have lung problems. It also made farmers abandon their land, and some farmers lost their land.

New Deal Programs That Were Important to Texas

Alphabet Agencies were important to Texas.

How the Great Depression Affected Farmers

It affected farmers by making their prices on cotton and other products drop.

World War 2

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2 Important People in World War 2

Two important people in World War 2 were Hitler and Harry Truman. Hitler was the leader of Germany during the time, and Harry Truman was the president of the United States during the time.

Countries At War 2 During World War 2

Great Britain, China, France, America, and the Soviet Union were on the Allies. The Axis Powers were Germany, Italy, and Japan.

Timeline to WW2

Countries wanted to expand their countries. Then Japan bombed a U.S. forces base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii.

Texas' Influence in World War 2

They fought against the Axis Powers. It had the most share of people out of all of the other states. A Texas battalion in the Thirty-sixth Division was one of the first American units in combat. They helped the British defend the Dutch East Indies. They fought against the Japanese in the Pacific. They also led the U.S. invasion of italy, making them one of the first American troops to land in Europe. Women helped by mixing gunpowder and loading shells, operating radios, and repairing trucks. They also helped sick and wounded soldiers. The Woman Airforce Service Pilots few fighter planes and bombers from aircraft factories to U.S. bases . Plus, they towed targets, flew practice missions to train ground troops, and tested damaged warplanes.

Change On The Home Front During World War 2 In Texas

They had a limit on how much people could consume. They had an increased industrial production during the war. People on the home front had to give a bunch of stuff for the war. They had new methods of production. Rural Texans moved to urban areas to work in factories. There were new opportunities for African Americans and women. Farmers switched to producing meat and food crops, instead of growing cotton. Women had to do more of the jobs that are usually done by men. There was no longer a farm labor shortage. Farmers got loans from the government. As a result, tenant farmers declined and the state's farms were more productive and more varied in their output.

How World War 2 Ended

World War 2 Ended with the Allies beating the Axis Powers.