The Custom Koozy

The Custom Koozy – The Perfect BBQ or Family Event Companion

The sounds of children beaming and giggling with joy at their newfound free time; the succulent scent of grilled meat wafts through the air, begging mouths the water. As the heat grows and grows, the signs start to become more and more obvious. Summer is in the air. The coming of summer is synonymous with an era of cool, refreshing drinks, but nothing is worse than cold hands due to the condensation due to the difference in temperature. Sure, a napkin or coaster might due the trick, but wouldn’t it be better if there was a device made specifically for this purpose? Well lucky for you, lover of summer, but not only is such a device a thing, they are also cheaply and readily available.

For those still in confusion as to which technological advancement I’m referring to, this little gadget is called a koozy. Originally, koozies were basically pieces of foam designed in a way to hold aluminum cans in a comfortable, condensation-free manner. Recently, however, the koozie line has expanded with sturdier options, and options for bottles or other sized containers. Not only are koozies extremely helpful on a hot day, but they also can be customized with teams, fraternities, businesses, events, or anything else that can be put in print. The simple customizability of koozies allow them to display whats important to the beverage holder, much in the same way a t-shirt can make a statement.

Those who read this article and became excited about the possibility of custom koozies need not be disappointed, as a new site will allow you to create the koozy of your dreams for less than two quarters. Called, visitors simply choose a style of koozy and a design, and the company takes care of the rest of the specifics. Summer is coming up, be ready for maximum chillage with a unique koozy creation of your own.