"The American Dream"

Use one tab for the answer form and keep it open!

All answers will be entered using the Google form linked below. You will not click "Submit" until the very end, after completing all topics.

Topic 1- Significant Historical Events

Use the Time Magazine website to find 2 or 3 historical events for each time period and record them in the Google Form. (Hint: you will change the dates below the search box and use "news" as your search term. For example, 1930-1939 will give you news from the 30s.)

Topic 2- Examples of "The American Dream"

Use the following 4 websites (1930's, 1960's, 1990's, 2015), to research innovations and celebrities from each time period. You can also use the print resources on the cart. List 2 or 3 innovations and celebrities on the Google Form.

Topic 3- Political Leaders

Listen to portions of speeches from the following leaders (Hoover 1931, Kennedy 1962, Bush 1991, Obama 2013 ), and record 1 relevant quote from each speech on the Google Form. You will need to use headphones to listen to the speeches.

Topic 4- Who is John Steinbeck?

Use the 3 websites (Biography, IMDB, Nobel Prize) to find 5 facts about John Steinbeck. You may also use the print books on the cart. Record them on the Google Form.

Topic 5- The Setting of Of Mice and Men

Use Google Maps (satellite view) to find the place where Of Mice and Men takes place. (Soledad, California). List 5 ADJECTIVES describing the area on the Google Form. (Hint: search Soledad, CA and view the surrounding area).

Topic 6- Migrant Farm Workers

Use the printed sample job descriptions (on the cart) and the 3 websites (Doleta, Gov page, NCFH) to write a job description for a migrant farm worker. Record purpose, duties, and skills/qualifications for the job in the Google Form.