Flora Baumbach

Dress Maker

The Westing Game

By: Ellen Raskin

Sunset Towers

Hello, my name is Flora Baumbach. I am a dressmaker and I was invited to stay at this wonderful place called, Sunset Towers. I soon found out that I was related to Sam Westing. At a gathering of the reading of the will, the will stated that someone killed Sam Westing and that we would be paired up with another tenant. Also that we would receive 10,000 dollars to share with our partner. Know all the 16 tenets are paired up and put in a game called the Westing Game, to find out who killed Sam Westing. I'm paired up with Alice Wexler. We decided put our share of 10,000 dollars in stock markets and to buy Westing paper products. Before I fully got to know Alice, I was not fond of her kicking. I was a little not so much scared but hesitant around her. But now that I got the chance to fully know her, I am not hesitant around her anymore, and I think she is a great girl like Rosaline. I might not have Rosaline, but Alice helps me remember her. The 16 tenets are Angela Wexler, Alice Wexler, Jake Wexler, Grace Wexler, Berthe Erica Crow, Otis Amber, JJ Ford, Chris Theodorakis, Theo Theodorakis, Madam Hoo, James Shin Hoo, Doug Hoo, Sydelle Pulaski, Sandy McSouthers, Denton Deere and Flora Baumbach(me).


"Turn, dear," said Flora Baumbach, the dressmaker, who lived and worked in a smaller apartment on the second floor. Angela pivoted in a slow quarter turn. "Oh!" Startled be the small cry, Flora Baumbach dropped the pin from her pudgy fingers and almost swallowed the three in her mouth. (pg. 9)

In this paragraph, I was making a wedding dress for Angela Wexler. Angela reminds me of a girl I once made a dress for. She told me her name was Violet Westing.


Flora Baumbach, about to rise with the found pin, quickly sank down agin to protect her sore shin in the carpeting. She had pulled Turtle's braid in the lobby yesterday. "Otis Amber says that old man Westing's stinking corpse is rotting on an Oriental rug." "My, oh my," Flora Baumbach exclaimed, and Mrs.Wexler clicked her tongue in an irritated "tst." (pg. 10)

In this paragraph, I was frightened to get up because, I had pulled Turte's braid. I got interested when Otis Amber said Mr.Westing's stinking corpse is rotting on an Oriental rug.


"But am and o are separate clues," Flora Baumbach said.

"To confuse us."

"But what about the murderer? I thought we were supposed to find out the name of the murderer?"

"To put us off track." If the police suspected murder, she'd be in jail by now. Her fingerprints were over everything in the Westing house, including the corpse. "You don't really think one of us could have killed a living breathing human being in cold blood, do you, Mrs.Baumbach? Do you? Turtle did, but the dressmaker was a cream puff.

"Don't you look at like that, Turtle Wexler! You know very well I could never think such a thing. I must have misunderstood. Oh my, I just wish Miss Pulaski had shown us her copy of the will."

Turtle returned to her calculations, multiplying numbers of shares time practice, adding a broker's commission, trying to total the sums to the ten thousand dollars they had to spend.

Flora Baumbach may have been wrong about the murder, but she was not convinced fo Turtle's plan. "What about Buy Westing Paper Products? I'm sure that was in the will."(pg. 42 and 43)

In this paragraph, Turtle and I were having a little disagreement. I do not think I could have killed a living breathing human in cold blood. Anyway, I did get a good memory out of the will. Buy Westing Paper Products.

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