How to Steal a Dog

Barbara O'Connor, Payton Tovar, Block 2


In how to steal a dog I have come to believe that a fitting theme is every dark cloud has a silver lining. I believe this because the story is very much stating that even though hard times can make you do things you regret, things will always clear up in the end if you are honest and tough. Georgina made the decision to steal a dog to get reward money later so she could get an apartment. Georgina had a tough life. Her, her mother, and her brother Toby all lived in an old car. Georgina ended up telling the truth to the dogs owner and things went uphill from there. Not only had she gotten a huge weight off her chest, but she also moved into a house the very next day.



In my book, I found two objects that are more than they seem to be. To start off, Georgina stole a dog named Willy. Willy was a puppy that was white with a black spot over one eye and a never ending waggle in his tail. To me Willy was more than just a dog, he represented temptations in our everyday life. I thought this because when Georgina stole him, she saw him as the perfect dog. Perfect can be tempting. Next I saw a character named Mookie as the good in peoples lives, the truth, the right path. Mookie was a homeless man that traveled by his bike. He met Georgina when she was going to feed Willie, and in the end knew that Georgina stole him, but he went on as if he didn't know and helped Georgina by giving her hints on what Is right along they way. Mookie ended up helping Georgina fix the whole situation and everything ended well. This goes to show that objects can be more than they appear, some good, some bad.

Conflict/ Plot Graph

There was one heck of a problem in this book. Georgina steals a dog! So all this weight on her shoulders already and then it gets worse. Georgina becomes friends with the dogs owner, and helps her "look" for Willy. Now Georgina has the problem of stealing a dog and pretending to help the owner look for him after watching Carmella cry off 3 pounds. Georgina has to fight her consciousness so I would say this story was Man vs Self, or girl vs self in this case.
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