The Act of Union of 1840

How Canada is a country today, By Caitlyn Gui 7-2

What is it about?

The Act of Union that happened in the 1840 is an act of how the Upper Canada and the Lower part of Canada became one. Before the Act of Union happened, Upper Canada, the English, and Lower Canada, the French, were separate parts. After the Durham Report was written, Lord Durham, the one wrote the report. Think that they should be together. Then he planned the Act of Union. The English liked this idea, but the French don't. The French does want to be together with the English because the French think it is unfair to. They think it is unfair because the French has a larger population than the English.

Why is this Important?

The Act of Union is the most historical significance event of Canada history because this event affected the most people. The English and the French. Both of the groups combine together and became one part. And have one government. If the Act of Union didn't happened, Canada will not exist today.

Other Historical Significances

There other Canada historical significance, too, such as The Fraser Gold Rush of 1855, The Great Migration of 1815, The War of 1812, etc.


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