Audio Production

Nasha Betsinger

Career Overview

Audio producers use equipment to record, synchronize, mix or reproduce music, voices or sound effects. He or she can work with many different industries with a degree in audio production. Some of those industries are movies, music recording, theater and video game industries. Audio producers can also be called sound engineering technicians, sound editors, and recording engineers.
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Career goal

my career goal is to be an audio producer.

Career Skills & Interests

People pursuing a career in audio production should have basic knowledge of how music works and how to use the equipment necessary to be successful. Some of the major skills you will need are the ability to understand, communicate, and achieve audio-design objectives, the ability to record and provide audio support at live events, and experience troubleshooting complex audio recording setups and systems.
IPR | Audio Production and Engineering Program

Career Working Conditions

As an audio producer, you will usually work long hours and you might not always find work right away. A lot of your job will be done on a computer and usually done by yourself, unless clients want to be with you in the process. In this field, you may not always get the nicest clients, and it is not easy to stay on track of what they want.
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Career Wages & Outlook

About 69,000 people were employed in audio production and related careers in 2012. This field is expected to have approximately the same job growth as average occupations through 2022. In 2012, the median annual salary was $46,310 and the average hourly wage was $22.27.

Career Related Occupations

Some related fields are music production, sound technician, and music engineer.

Program of Study

To land a job in this field, you will only need an associates degree. There are higher degrees you can get for audio production, but you don't need anything higher than an associates degree.

Program course work

It is only required to do simple technical training, and basic training on how sound waves work together.
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