Human Rights

Gang Violence in Chicago

Gang Violence

Gang violence is one of the most discussed topic in the U.S and Chicago is one of the prime cities. Gang violence violates many human rights, and one them is Article 5 Freedom from Torture, Degrading Treatment . This article states people should be free from torture and from bad treatment. Some gangs in Chicago take away that from people. This topic is important because in Chicago, there's a lot of gangs violence which affects the community as a whole. This might make the people from this community feel uncomfortable and might make them want to leave the city of Chicago. There's an enormous number of gang members in Chicago, about 68,000 gang members currently live in Chicago. People that are not involved in a gang are the ones that are in most danger because they have to live knowing that dangerous people like them are around them. Little do they know, gangs commit crimes that are incredibly unbelievable making this a huge problem. They are only growing and becoming stronger. There has been about 419 murders in Chicago due to gang violence. Not only are the murder rates high, this year it has been four times higher than New York City and more than 2.5 times higher than Los Angeles. But most importantly, what are cops doing to stop and control this situation? Actually there's 100,000 gang members vs. 12,000 cops in Chicago. Cops in Chicago are out numbered by so much that its almost impossible to stop the gangs.

A Stop To Gang Violence!!!

Plan of Action

Organizations like "Cure Violence" helps cities around the United States to reduce gang activity. This organizations has been working with Chicago to reduce gang violence. With their help, the city founded sites had a 75% reduction in shootings. n

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