Rhinos are Endangered!!


Why is the Sumatran Rhino

The Sumatran Rhino is critically endangered! The Sumatran Rhino is endangered because Asians hunt them for their horns because the horns contain things that can make medicine. There are only about 700 Sumatran Rhinos in the world and 100 of them are in the wild!

Where They Live + Map of Range

About its habitat

The Sumatran Rhino lives in rainforests in Southeast Asia. They normally live near the muddy rivers and creeks. Their habitat also has lots of bushes and trees.

About the reproduction and survival

The Sumatran Rhino is sometimes very ill tempered and solitary. It has one young every three years, and when the young is born it normally weighs about 75 pounds.
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What the Sumatran Rhino looks like.

The Sumatran Rhino is normally 1,600 pounds and is about 8 feet long when it is an adult. It has leathery skin that is very hairy and has a grayish looking color.
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How Can the World Help?

People should stop hunting them for their horns. Think to yourself why do you really need to hunt the amazing Sumatran Rhino! WWF is helping by working with parks to preserve and restore natural habitat. HELP!!!
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