Individualized Learning Plan

By: Olivia Lee and Dena Robertson

Henry's Background information

Henry is seven years old, and is a thriving student. He loves school, but is excited for the annual family trip with his family to the lake for labor day weekend. As they arrived, he eagerly jumped into the lake to join his cousins, ignoring his parents warning to put on his lifejacket. It was his older cousin, Jenny, who came up the game to see who could stay under water the longest. Henry felt like he needed to prove himself, because he was the youngest. When it was his turn, he went under, but got his shoe caught in some brush. Several minutes went by and his cousins started to panic. The adults overheard the commotion and came to their aid. Henry's uncle was able to get his shoe off, which freed him. As they pulled him to shore, his uncle noticed that his skin was white, his lips were blue, his eyes rolled in the back of his head, and their was no respiration or pulse. He immediately began CPR for what seemed to be 3 minutes with no response. He continued working and after about another 30 seconds Henry began to cough, cry and breath. His color began to return as paramedics arrived to take him to the hospital.

Skip forward 3 years, and Henry is in the third grade at Pearson Elementary School in Mrs. Cranberry's class. From the outside, he seems like a regular 10 year old, but he has a lot of insecurities that haunt him daily. His symptoms include claustrophobia, hyperventilation, time skew, lack of concentration, and he is unable to form close relationships. Worst of all, though, he is now terrified of anything that involves water, including simple tasks like showering or washing his hands. Now he occupies his time by building with legos and hanging with his best bud/ G.I. Joe "protector", Corbin (3)

Teacher student connection

  • Mrs. Cranberry wants to learn more about Corbin. By doing so, she is creating a bond with Henry, and allowing him to know she is trustworthy.
  • One part of the teacher student connection is to know that Henry feels more comfortable when Corbin is with him. Allow him to have Corbin with him at all times, and involve Corbin in as activities as possible.
  • Encourage Henry to explore all curiosities in the learning world. Introduce him to sports, social clubs, etc.
  • Make a lego club, where Mrs. Cranberry is the sponsor, and Henry got to recruit new members. Because he knows so much about legos, he will be able to show off his talents to those around him. (2)

Student to student connection

  • On the first day of school, tell students to bring something in for show and tell, and ask Henry to share about Corbin.
  • Have a lego day- where students make lego creations throughout the day. This will get Henry involved because building with lego's is one of his favorite activities.
  • If Henry feels comfortable, have him work with a gifted student. Implement a reading program where they read a story together and if Henry doesn't understand something, the other student will be able to help him out. (1)

Motivation strategies for learning and promoting positive behavior

  • Before Henry can get Corbin from his cubby, he has to complete a number of activities.
  • The number of activities that he has to do before getting Corbin will grow as the semester goes on.
  • If Henry starts acting out or not doing his work, Corbin will have to be put back in his cubby for a period of time. (The offense or how often it occurs will depend on the length of time)

Teaching methods used specifically for this student

  • Reading- Accommodate his AR books to his specific interests (Legos, and military books)
  • Math- Have his counters be individual lego pieces, or army guy figurines.
  • Social studies- Once a month, the students get to pick a social study topic that they enjoy, and they get to research it and present to the class. That way, Henry can share his interest in the army.

Assessment techniques to promote academic success for this student

  • Since Henry's disability doesn't limit his learning style, he will be able to test the same way as the other kids
  • Although, he will be able to have Corbin "to help him on his test"

Modifications to the above plan for creating a classroom learning plan that meets the varying needs of all students in your classroom

  • The big thing here is educating the students on the situation. Have the guidance counselor talk with his classmates about Henry's situation
  • Have a special day where all of the students get to bring their favorite stuffed animal to set on their desk.