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Invisalign Braces Can Restore your Lost Smile

Invisalign Braces Can Restore your Lost Smile

Many a times you may have noticed in films that a character is made to wear braces to give a look and feel of being different from the others and the physical difference that gets highlighted by the metal braces drives home this point. San Diego Invisalign have always been an integral part of dental treatment for correcting the alignment of teeth. The traditional braces which are made of stainless steel, sometimes in combination with nickel titanium, are the most commonly used braces.

The latest addition to the field of orthodontic braces is the Invisalign braces. As these braces are made from clear custom-made aligners that gradually and sequentially arrange the teeth in the right shape and place. As the aligners are transparent it is difficult to spot a wearer of these invisalign braces. It offers the cosmetic advantage of invisibility to every wearer who was earlier embarrassed about having to wear braces for teeth alignment. Invisalign braces have opened up a world of opportunities to the wearer as now they can freely mingle and be their normal selves in any social gathering.

The invisalign braces need some additional care and maintenance such as removing them each time the wearer has any food and cleaning each time before wearing the braces. Hence, unlike traditional braces, invisalign san diego are dependent upon the habit of the wearer and accordingly take the required amount of time to correct teeth alignment. As traditional braces do not need to be removed, they can maintain a constant pressure on the teeth at all times and ensure quicker results at a lower maintenance.

A typical treatment using invisalign braces or traditional braces can range from six months to six years, depending on the severity of the case. Certain changes in the way dental braces are perceived are also occurring around the globe.