Monclova Primary

Weekly Bulletin

Events for Week of October 12-October 18

Monday, October 12

Book Fair

LPDC Meeting - 4:00 pm

Board Meeting - 6:00 pm

Tuesday, October 13

Book Fair

8:50 - 11:50 am - 3rd grade - Kids On the Block

MAPS Granite City Night (Bring flyer)

Wednesday, October 14

AW Fitness Day

Book Fair

Donuts for Dads - 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Thursday, October 15

Book Fair

Donuts for Dads - 7:30 am - 8:30 am

Friday, October 16

AW Spirit Day

Book Fair

PGP Plans due in eTPES

TGRG Letters sent home

FB Game - Napolean


Thank you:

Staff for trying the new recess procedures, an improved difference in hallway behavior has been noticed!

Teachers for your detailed plans, concerns and sharing during our first round of RtI meetings. Everyone is doing a diligent job of following the tiered system to assist students.


Remind your students that they are not to let anybody in the doors around the building, even if they know the person. Periodic safety reminders are very helpful!

Please make sure you sign up for a Secret Santa time as soon as possible. A Google doc was shared with you for sign up. MAPS is already securing volunteers.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL OUT BLUE FORMS WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT! The CAO is repeatedly sending emails to Jane and I about teachers missing forms after an absence. We will forward the emails on to for reminders but please get the forms in as soon as possible.

Imagination Station has been set for March 22 and 23.

Please put any planned absences in Aesop as soon as you know you will be out, this will help ensure your class is covered.

Please complete your professional growth plan in eTPES by October 16. See me if you have any questions or issues with plan.

SLO Reminders:

Grade 4 teachers, Intervention Specialists and Specials teachers are required to write at least ONE SLO.

Nov. 9 - SLO due to principal

Nov. 13 - SLOs needing revised are returned to teachers, all approved SLOs returned to teachers

Nov. 18 - Revised SLOs due to principal

Nov. 20 - Revised SLOs reviewed

Words of Wisdom and Action..............................

Here is # 7 from Jon Gordon on the Power of a Positive Educator.

7. Show you Care – It’s a simple fact. The best educators stand out by showing their students and colleagues that they care about them. Standardized test scores rise when teachers make time to really know their students. Teacher performance improves when principals create engaged relationships with their teachers. Teamwork is enhanced when educators know and care about one another. Parents are more supportive when educators communicate with their student’s parents. The most powerful form of positive energy is love and this love transforms students, people and schools when it is put into action. Create your own unique way to show your students and colleagues you care about them and you will not only feel more positive yourself but you will develop positive kids who create a more positive world.