Graham McNamee


Duncan, Wayde and Vinny are the main characters. Duncan is the main character. Wayde is Duncan's friend. Vinny is also his friend who tries to help them find the stalker.


Duncan is seventeen years old and works at the lost and found at a subway station. He found a leather journal that belongs to a stalker who is hunting his prey. Duncan keeps reading the book and he calls the police but theyre not interested because it isnt important enough to waste their time on. So he needed to find the stalker on his own.


I recommend this book to almost anyone, but mainly someone that enjoys a mystery and is adventurous. They would enjoy it the most because the book is a thriller/mystery. Its a good book and was hard to put it down.

Author bio

Graham McNamee was born in Ontario, Canada. He has written many books. His genre is mystery and thrillers. His books are, Hate You, Nothing Wrong With A Three Legged Dog, Sparks and Acceleration.

By: Macey Connors