Hydroplane facts

"A Hydroplane is a fast motor boat. The fastest one in 1933 went 78 miles an hour. Now the fastest one went 318 miles an hour. One big Hydroplane event is the sea fair in Seattle Washington ( Wikipedia)."


In old Hydroplanes the driver would have to be stand while they were driving their Hydroplane. Modern day Hydroplanes have to sit down and drive. There are roofs on modern day Hydroplanes. Old Hydroplanes had no roof or seat and usually the Hydroplane had no back on it.


Modern and old Hydroplanes are both fast moving boats. They both are a spectator sport. They are both a racing sport like car racing but it is boat racing on water. The boats are sponsored by companies to advertise on the boat. They are all driven by drivers. The drivers move from Hydroplane to Hydroplane.