Whitehall Wonders

October 2020

We are so proud of how our students have adjusted to the changes for this current school year. We are teaching them the 3 W's to help keep them safe. The 3 W's are:

1. Wear a Mask

2. Watch Your Distance

3. Wash Your Hands

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Mask Up

Students must have a mask on before getting on the school bus or existing the car. If you need extra masks for your child, they can purchased at the school for $2 each.

Student Cell Phones

Elementary school students are not allowed to have cell phones at school. Please make sure your child keeps all cell phone devices and accessories at home. If a child brings a cell phone or device to school, the phone or device will be taken by administration and a parent will have to come to school to pick it up.
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PTO Online Fundraiser-Oct. 5-20

  • Help our school reach a goal of $10,000!
  • For safety reasons, all orders will be placed online this school year. Place orders only at www.fundraisingshoppingcart.com/orders and enter the group code M1276772.
  • The products will be delivered directly to your address.
  • EVERYONE who participates will earn prizes from the prize brochure!
  • For every 10 items sold be entered into a drawing for a $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD! The TOP SELLER will receive a $50 AMAZONG GIFT CARD!
  • The ending date for the fundraiser is Tuesday, October 20.
  • Be safe when fundraising. Do NOT sell door to door! Call relatives and friends and ask them politely to support Whitehall! If possible, Mom and Dad can sell items at work! Always have adult supervision when you are selling! Don't talk to strangers.


Parent Corner-Estimation Stations

Estimation Stations

Help your youngster practice estimating with this ongoing family guessing contest.

  • How many beans are in the jar?
  • Keep a clear container, such as an empty water bottle or juice jar, on your kitchen counter. Each week, fill it with something different from your pantry (uncooked beans, nuts, mini pretzels).
  • Have family members guess the amount in the jar.
  • Finally, empty the jar and count the objects together.
  • The person who comes closest decides what goes into the container next week.

Estimation practice will benefit all students in your home.

Change to the School Calendar

November 2-6

Please be aware regarding the following changes to this year’s calendar. The change in the calendar is necessary to allow our support personnel time to disinfect our schools after the general election on November 3rd. Additionally, we will pause our face to face instruction to fine tune the enhancements we have made to our eLearning platform. The Virtual Academy will operate as normal during the eLearning days.

-November 2nd-eLearning

-November 3rd-holiday all schools/sites closed

-November 4th-eLearning

-November 5th-eLearning

-November 6th-eLearning

Upcoming Dates

Oct. 7-Custodial Appreciation

Oct. 11-17-National School Lunch Week

Oct. 13-Progress Reports

Oct. 15-Last day of National Hispanic Heritage Month

Oct. 15- Ice Cream

Oct. 16-Food Service Appreciation Day

Oct. 16-School Principal and Assistant Principal Appreciation Day

Oct. 19-23-Bus Safety Week

Oct. 20-22 and 27-28-CogAT/IA Testing (2nd Grade only)

Oct. 22- Ice Cream Day

Oct. 23-Breast Cancer Awareness Day (Wear Pink)

Oct. 23-Bus Driver Appreciation Day

Oct. 26-30-Whitehall Celebrates Red Ribbon Week

  • Oct. 26-Wear red
  • Oct. 27-Wear your shirt backwards
  • Oct. 28-Wear a bright colored, neon, and/or tie-dyed shirt
  • Oct. 29-Wear your best
  • Oct. 30-Wear a jogging suit

Oct. 28-SRO and Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

Oct. 29-Fall Picture Day (for face to face and virtual students)

  • Virtual students (3-5PM only)

KEEP IN MIND DATES for November:

-November 2nd-eLearning

-November 3rd-holiday all schools/sites closed

-November 4th-eLearning

-November 5th-eLearning

-November 6th-eLearning