by mike kierig 9 23 14

eight facts

more then likely they were semi seditery farmers and hunters.

they wore buffalo and deer hide and feathers.

they always appointed on cheif the lead the tribe.

they were located in the great plains.

they were very smart and educated.

They were mean

the military named a helicopter after the apache

they ate beans corn and squash

comparison of there culture to ours

a comparison of my culture and the southeastern idians is very diffrent because i live and grew in a day were i am surrounded by technology and tools too make things easier but back then things were much tougher for the native texans of the south eastern region. I can just stick some food in the microwave and eat in a few minutes meanwhile back then the men need to go hunting while the woman stayed home and cooked and made clothes watched kids and such.

native texans were also much stronger and less lazy than your average american today. in my personal opinion they were savages not interested in advancement of technology and not advancing their technology, but i guess thats just my personal opinion because I love the thought of humanity technologically advancing. thats nother reason why i like it better now