Lessons Learned in Slate Valley

Celebrating amazing work of educators and students, Volume 5

Differentiation Across the SU

Differentiation is good pedagogy, pandemic or not! Our teachers are still working to meet the needs of individuals and groups despite the need for health precautions. Sanitizable manipulatives, hand-made one-use decks of cards, plastic screens, and many other solutions combined with social distancing have all become the norm in the classrooms of our creative, determined teachers.

Experiential Learning Across the SU

Our teachers have been giving students many opportunities to learn from experience. Examples of such activities include Zoom visits from experts, wevideo spelling bees, creative "trials" of historical and fictional figures, maple sugaring, science experiments and more. Though taking many forms -- WBL, PBL, Design Cycle, Performance, and others -- experiential learning is always about DOING something active as a main component of the learning process.

SEL and Student/Staff Wellness Opportunities across the SU

In this time of uncertainty and change, SU personnel have a laser-like focus on social emotional learning and have increased the frequency of opportunities to pursue wellness. See below for just a small sampling of the events and activities from recent months.

Tip Line and Parting Thoughts

This newsletter has been put together by your coaching team (Casey, Abby, Molly, Kristen) with help from many staff who have sent us photos. To join in the fun of recognizing the great work of our SU, please email pictures to the coaches. We look forward to it!