Want $1500 of inventory for $750???

Best Bang for your Buck for Origami Owl Designers!

My answer is YES! Tell me How?!?

We tried going over this in our meeting last month and some got VERY confused. No worries here it is typed up and broken down. Still have questions? ASK!

This is all done in your Back Office:

  1. Open a Jewelry Bar in anyone's name (example: Minnie Mouse)
  2. Make 3 guests. (example: Mickey, Goofy, Pluto)
  3. On those 3 guests orders you want to spend $995 (split it up within the 3 orders) in charms, plates, & dangles--Why only charms, plates and dangles? Because you get 50% off on them you want to use your FREE money on items you would have to pay more for. You will have to pay $4 shipping on each of these.
  4. After you have all that entered you then want to enter 1 order under the hostess order, Click "Purchase Items at Retail (will count towards benefits)" and add one charm in the retail section so the retail party is $1000. This will be Free shipping.
  5. You now have $250 in Hostess Rewards. 4 Half off items from (if you add a booked party to it you could have 5), and the Hostess exclusive for FREE!
  6. When it comes time to check out pay the wholesale price it comes out to around $540. (Or you can pay the retail price if you want it on your 1099 and you will then get the other half back on your next paycheck)
  7. You pay $540ish, maybe a little more with tax and shipping. Then you buy 5-50% items. Its a good idea to pick the most expensive products like the heart locket.
  8. TA DA! Enjoy all that beautiful inventory when it comes at your door step!

This a GREAT idea to do for yourself when there is a new product launch or to offer to new recruits (if money isn't an issue ) as the "BIG Starter KIT".



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