Slayden Thomas

June 28, 1994

Important People

These are my brothers: Tripp and Joseph. Fun fact they are both the thirds! Tripp is from my mom's first marriage and my half brother; he is 26. Joseph is my full brother and now 16 and driving (scary). They are my backbone and biggest supporters.


My parents mean everything to me. They are always there to support me and cheer me on. My parents have been married for 22 years and had a fun surprise on their 6th wedding anniversary: my brother Joseph was born.

Why Education?

I have always loved school. I was a total teachers pet growing up. I really love learning, had amazing teachers, and it just fits my personality. When I was a kid, if you asked me my favorited place to be in the world I would say school. That's where my friends were and I adored my teachers. School was always a very welcoming place. And my second grade teacher was the She made learning so engaging, fun, and inventive. It's because of her that I want to teach either 2nd or 3rd grade.

Best Education Memory

In high school, I spent a large part of my summers volunteering. I worked with an organization that repaired homes around the Columbia and Charleston areas. One summer, I met Kai. He was a five year old boy who lived with his grandma. He loved to count to 10, sing his abc's and make funny animal noises. At the sites, we would bring fruit to snack on throughout the day. One day the program director, Hank, pulled me aside and asked if I would teach Kai how to properly peal an orange because he would just squish them and drink the juice. So that day I went to the house, pulled Kai aside, and together we pealed his orange. This was a huge moment. The joy on his face is unforgettable. This picture is ingrained in my mind. Kai is why I want to teach. (The best part of this story? That was my first time pealing an orange too!)