June Newsletter

by Mrs. Wagner's Class

A Note from Mrs. Wagner - Thank You!

Dear Parents of 5W,

I am so appreciative of all of your support throughout the school year. I am so proud of all of the students in my class. As I mentioned at the promotion ceremony, this class really knew how to make me laugh! But most importantly, they made me truly happy to come to work each day. This is a class I will forever cherish. Thank you for allowing your children to grow with me. I wish you all a wonderful summer.

Mrs. Wagner

Social Studies by Callum, Connor, and Will C.

During the month in social studies we have finished our explorer final drafts and colonies. We have done colony sheets to remember all of the colonies and the regions they are in. we are also having a test on them on June 5. We have also have been assigned in groups a region to learn about also to write about the region on a poster. The groups are Southern Colonies, Middle Colonies, and England Colonies.

For explorers we each got an explorer and we all had to write about their life in an essay. We all cut the final draft out and put it on construction paper then put pictures on it. Once we did that we drew a cover and put it on display for open house. This is what happened in social studies this month.​

End of the Year Happenings by Courtenay, Joey, and Meredith

The last couple of weeks before school lets out, some really fun events took place.

One of the events was the fifth grade Lip sync. We danced, lip synched, and preformed to the song and group of our choice. This was seen by the whole school, parents were invited to watch. But the day before the lip sync we had FIELD DAY the day everyone looks forward to. Some events included don’t eat the apple relay, flying Olaf’s (water ballon toss) and tiana’s frog toss.

We also had Spirt week! This took place from June 8 to June 12. On Monday we had super hero day, you could dress up like any super hero. On Tuesday came in the nicest clothes you have for formal day. On Wednsday you could wear any sports jersey you wanted. Thursday is CRAZY HAIR day, continuing the tradition. Finally we had Disney day


We are also did Boosterthon,a fun run the school had participated in to raise money for school. It started Monday, June 1 to Wednesday, June 10. We got sponsors to pledge,2,3,ex. Money per lap we ran. We ran around 30 to 35 laps on Wednesday the 10th.(the track is about 1/16 of a mile) We also watched videos to encourage staying healthy and boosting other peoples spirits.

On June 19th, the last day of school, we had a award ceremony. The award ceremony is when the third, forth, and fifth grades all go to the A.P.R. to receive awards for their extra curricular activities. Congratulations to Samantha Kehner for being presented with the Caring Award!

Math by Will G. and Gianna

During math, in this month, we learned a lot of interesting things, such as how to get the volume of a cylinder, which is 3.14*the radius*the radius*the height, the area of a circle, which is 3.14*the radius*the radius and the circumference of a circle, which is 3.14*the diameter. We also learned about pan-balances, and how to make the different objects on the pan-balance even with each other. On June 2nd, we had a math quiz about the volume, area, and circumference. Also, we learned about faces, edges, vertices, and the apex. Lastly, Mrs. Wagner taught us the traditional method of division and multiplication to prepare us for middle school! We had a very fun time this month, and we are ready to learn more!​

Reading Jake, Tommy, and Leena

In reading this past month we are finishing our guided reading books, summer log in minutes, we finished journeys, and we are working on our iMovie's for our finished guided reading books.

We have groups named Harvard, Yale, Columbia, and Princeton. These groups are to separate our class for the guided reading groups. Harvard has the Bridge to Terebithea but finished so now they're reading Maniac Magee, Yale has the Witch of Blackbird Pond, Princeton has Zlata's Diary, and Columbia has Tuck Everlasting. After every one finishes their book each group will make an iMovie together about the book.

Over the summer we are doing a summer log in for scholastic.com/summer. We are going to read and track our minutes on a sheet of paper. Then we log in to the scholastic.com website and add our minutes till we get to 1200 minutes. Have fun reading!

We just finished our journeys books and we are now on our journey to discovery books. In the journeys to discovery books we have read 2 stories and 1 play. These stories in journey to discovery are all non-fiction stories such as fossils and history.

We are making iMovie's for our guided reading books. Our iMovie's will be trailers for our books. Making an IMovie feels like you're working on a real movie. It's a lot of fun.​

Writing by Lily and Katharine

In writing we finished our explorer papers. We drew our covers and we drew objects on the cover that went along with their life. Now we moved on to memoirs. Memoirs are true stories that happened to you that have a big theme. To come up with our ideas for memoirs we looked back in our daily sparks. We had one big watermelon idea and little seed moments to go along with the big idea. Now it's Wednesday the 3rd and we are starting to write our flash draft for our memoirs. Then to end the school year we will be working on some poetry. The poems we wrote were about colors. ​

5W Memories by Brice, Sam, and Ryan

Some memories we have had in fifth grade were our first grade buddies, having holiday parties, and 5W birthday celebrations. With our buddies we did a lot of fun activities for holidays. For example we did a fun earth day project. One of our holiday parties was the Halloween party. For the party we went to a haunted house. In the haunted house there were a lot of scary rooms with jpeople jumping out at us. After that we went outside the school and walked around the school to show everyone our costumes.

Another memory in 5w was birthdays. For example when it was someone's birthday they would bring in birthday treats. The whole class gets one birthday treat and after if there is left overs. They pick one friend to walk around the school with them and give teachers birthday treats. I thought all of us had a great year with our buddies and all of the parties we had. We are looking forward to more memories in middle school.

Science by Kate and Abby

This month in science we worked on the water cycle. We watched a video including information about the water cycle. We learned that precipitation is any form of water from the sky. Then water goes to subsurface runoff and surface runoff. That water goes into oceans, lakes, etc. The bodies of water are called accumulation. Transpiration and evaporation goes to condensation and that when clouds form. Then it starts again. Next we drew diagrams of the water cycle!

Last but not least, the class's favorite event was writing and preforming our water cycle songs. We were partnered up and came up with a catchy song. We memorized it and came up with some dance moves. We preformed to the class and we were recorded. It was fun! That's it for science. Below you will see our pictures of the water cycle and a video of us performing!

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A special Congratulations to Brice, Katharine, and Abby for making South Jersey Honors Band.