Caritas Australia

What is Caritas?

The name Caritas comes from the Latin Words,Compassion and Love.They are a community that shares love and compassion with people who are struggling in different parts of the world. Caritas started in Australia in 1964 and still people fell the urge to help these people with nothing.

Helping the Poor

  • Responding to emergencies such as the current food crisis in East Africa.
  • Implementing Disaster Risk Reduction strategies, particularly in the Pacific Islands, where villagers are experiencing rising sea levels.
  • Helping farmers with sustainable agricultural practices, such as the Farmer Field School in Nepal.
  • Building water catchments in regions like Ethiopia, so communities have access to fresh, clean water and are able to grow crops.
  • Providing access to education and workshops in regions of South-East Asia, so vulnerable people can learn new skills.
  • Training rural midwives in quality antenatal, delivery and postnatal care for women in rural areas.
  • Alleviating poverty in Indigenous Australia through projects such as the Tjanpi Desert Weavers which generate an income and provide sustainable development opportunities for women in rural communities.

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