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Mrs. Moats' Class

Friday, Septmeber 25, 2015 A Week in Review

Next week will be our last 'review' week before spelling begins. We will continue to practice what we have been reviewing but spelling words will be coming home too! Those new words will come home on Mondays. Spelling assessments will be on Fridays. The kids will be given a sentence to write containing those words.

I forgot to send home homework on Thursday! OOPS! The kids were delighted! :0) We will just skip that this week!

A note went home today regarding instrument making! In our unit on sound, the kids get to make an instrument. We did a little research today about the kinds of things that could be used to make an instrument. Please read the note and let me know if you have any questions regarding the instruments. We are having the kids collect their items from home and we will make the instruments IN CLASS on Wednesday. Please collaborate with your child about this but DO NOT make the instrument for them. They will be presenting it to the class and will need to have the experience of making it to be able to talk to their classmates about it! Thank you for your support!

To enhance what we are working on in Science, we had a special treat this morning. North School PTO arranged to have Project Trio come to our school and perform for us. It was amazing!!! The kids LOVED it! It provided great conversations about volume, pitch, sound waves and so much more! THANK YOU PTO!!

Check it out at

Here is our week in review:

Spelling/Word Work: *I can write words with short u and long u sounds. *I can replace a noun with a pronoun.

Reading: *I can use a checklist to determine the characteristics of a narrative text. *I can identify the 3 W's(who, what, where) in a narrative text and record them on a narrative text map.*I can identify the beginning, middle and end of a narrative text and record it on a narrative text map.

Writing: *I can collect tiny moments from my life to help me write stories later. *I can zoom in on a tiny moment from my life by writing with lots of detail.

Science/Social Studies: *I can identify how the ear catches sound and sends the message to the brain. *I can determine if sound travels through solids, liquids or gases. *I can identify what volume and pitch are.

Math:* I can visualize, retell and model the action of addition and subtraction story problems. *I can solve addition and subtraction story problems. *I can combine two quantities with totals up to 45. *I can subtract a quantity from a whole of up to 30 *I can make predictions about data.

Items for next Week-

We will finish up our sound unit this next week. Our week will be busy with instruments and presentations! School pictures are on Tuesday next week, Sept 29!

September Character Trait- Respect

Treating others the way you want to be treated!

Upcoming Events

Sept 29- School Pictures

Oct 6- PTO Board Meeting

Oct 8- PTO FUN RUN (during school)

Oct 9- No School- Professional Development Day for Teachers