The Crucible Bibliography

Amari Whitaker, Aaron Johnson, Avery Johnson

n.a. “McCarthyisim.”, American Masters, 23rd Aug. 2006. Web. 18th April. 2014

In “McCarthyism” (2006), the unidentified author suggests that the U.S. citizens were being overwhelmed with the “threat of communism growing in Eastern Europe and China”. The author supports his article by explaining the accusations that were made by Sen. Joseph McCarthy when it came down to the prevention of communism. The explanation on how innocent people were thrown into the category, “communist”, was thoroughly explained in order for the author to be able to have use of historical periods during the 20th-century. The author’s article could be considerably addressed to those that are looked upon as leaders in the U.S, and it could also be an influence on how they perform while working because they’ll be able to have a better outlook on individuals during different situations in the U.S.

Oh, Joyce, and Latham, Amanda. “Senator Joseph McCarthy, McCarthyism, and the witch hunt” The cold war museum, N.D. Web. 11 April 2014

In “Senator Joseph McCarthy, McCarthyism, and the witch hunt”, Joyce oh and Amanda Latham argues that McCarthyism had a negative impact on citizens and how McCarthyism was created for political gain. The authors developed their thesis by using tone, which gave the reader a sense of how wrong, and immoral McCarthyism was. The author’s apparent purpose is to inform and vilify McCarthyism in order to show how innocent people were wrongly accused of communism and how it brought fear to everybody. The intended audience is corrupt politicians, to show how their actions affect other people.

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