The Year of Freshman

Tara Goerig 12-10-15

New Beginning

Everyone says it's scary to be the fish of high school. Their not lying, even though it wasn't all that bad. The drama with girls, the homework everyday, and of course sports. In a small school everyone thinks they need to be in your business. I'm the type of girl to keep it all in and in my bubble. Freshman year so far hasn't been to bad, it has rough moments but who doesn't have that.... high school let me meet new people and let me learn a lot more. High School so far has teached me about being independent and to be my own person.

Cause and Effect

Babysitting this summer has been a great experience for me. I learned how to become independent, responsible, and learn the value of money. I babysat 3 kids everyday and i grew closer to them every time I see them. The value of money before was just something I can spend now I learned you have to spend it wisely.


It was my first year in high school, and for volleyball we made it to bi-districts. Even though me and my sister were on the same team we also grew closer to each other. And learned to compromise.