Just a Few More Days and It's Time for School! Get Those Masks Ready!

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Parents: How will my child keep track of a mask all day? Methacton: We are providing ALL students K - 6 with LANYARDS!!

Our Masks Are Always ON Us....

The Methacton School District requires students to wear masks when they are in school. There are times during the school day when students will be allowed to take their masks off. Lunch, recess, outdoor learning, instrument lessons, and outdoor physical education classes are the only times masks are removed.

In order to find a way to help elementary students keep track of their masks at all times, the Methacton School District is providing all K - 6 students with a child safe lanyard. These lanyards have a break away option to ensure safety. These easy-to-use lanyards will be kept at school and worn throughout the day so that students are not taking their masks off and leaving them in different locations or on a variety of surfaces.

Teachers will help students remember to keep the lanyards at school and tuck the lanyards in their shirts during recess or Physical Education class. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends people wash their hands or use sanitizer before touching their face. Teachers will make sure students are adhering to safety precautions. If parents would like to supply their own lanyard, we ask that it has the break away option and a clasp children can manipulate by themselves.

If by chance the lanyards have not arrived before the first day of school, teachers will encourage students to keep their masks ON their bodies. This could mean putting them in a pocket or another safe way to keep the mask from leaving the child’s possession.

By providing these lanyards, it is our hope that students find keeping their masks on their bodies is safe, sanitary, and easy.

Will You Be Driving Your Child To/From School? We Need to Know! Please Complete Form Below.

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Arrival and Dismissal Information:

  • The school day begins at 8:55 a.m. when the entrance bell rings. Please do not send students prior to that time, as there is no supervision. Students should arrive between 8:55 a.m. and 9:05 a.m. daily. After 9:05 a.m. students are marked tardy. Any student who arrives after 9:05 a.m. must be escorted to the office by an adult with a DRIVER”S LICENSE before going to his/her classroom.

  • If you are driving your child to school or picking them up, please utilize the car loop on Heatherwood Hills Road. Do not get out of your car as this can be very dangerous. Morning drop off is at 8:55 a.m. and afternoon pick up is at 3:30 p.m. for car riders. Please follow the car loop cones and do not pass on the left. Please have students exit the car from the back on the passenger side to quickly expedite the drop off/pick up process.

  • In the morning, staff members will receive students at the car loop entrance and walk students through the building to join their classes. Staff members will be posted throughout the building to assist students. Staff will also help students off the buses and guide them to their teachers.

  • If picking up a child during the school day for any reason, parents must park in the front and report to the main office to sign the child out before the child will be released. You must present your driver’s license for the student to be released.

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Communication Guide

We are providing families with a Communications Tool Guide Link where you will find important information regarding the district’s communication tools. Here is the link: https://www.methacton.org//cms/lib/PA50000637/Centricity/Domain/62/CommunicationsTools_FINAL.pdf

In this link you will find information on PowerSchool, SchoolMessenger, Social Media, Lower Providence Community Access Channel, Smore Newsletter< Konstella,

(*Note* Woodland uses SchoolMessenger and Smore for our weekly newsletters)

(*Note* Woodland Home and School Associations uses Konstella to send out information) and key district contacts. Please take a moment to read the the Communications Tool Guide.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and we look forward to welcoming our students and families back to school on Monday, August 30, 2021.

Homework For Parents/Guardians:

Woodland Families,

Please take a few minutes to review the below information. It is much easier to start the school year with all the correct paper work completed on Power School. A few of the forms will not be available until 8/25/2021.

Log Into your Power School Account:

  • Contact Information Verification: Please review your student’s emergency contact information in PowerSchool (Navigation Menu > Contact Information) to verify the information is correct or make any necessary updates.
  • The following forms can be found under Navigation Menu > Forms > General Forms.
    • Student Health Form: This form must be reviewed and verified every school year.
    • Acknowledgements (available on August 25, 2021)
      • Handbook Sign Off: Please review your student’s school handbook in PowerSchool or on the building websites. You will be prompted to acknowledge that you have reviewed and discussed the document with your student.
      • Code of Conduct Sign Off
      • Acceptable Use Policy
      • Board Policies
  • Optional Publicity Refusal Form (available August 25, 2021): If you do not want your student videotaped or photographed in the 2021-2022 school year, complete the Publicity Refusal Form in PowerSchool by September 15, 2021. This applies to my newsletters as well.

What if you do not know anything about Power School?

  • Visit https://www.methacton.org/powerschool for details on how to access your parent portal account. If you have not already established your portal access, please call the main office at your student’s school to obtain the necessary credentials (Access ID and Password for each student) to create your account.

All Transportation Information Will Be Available on Power School on 8/22/21!

Are You Interested in Learning About Home and School Events This Year?

Woodland's Home and School Association is always looking for families to be involved. They communicate to the Woodland families through Konstella. Please sign up for the Konstella app to learn how you can be a part of Woodland's Home and School Association.

To sign up, go to Konstella.com and click on “Find Your School” in the upper right-hand corner. Search for your child’s school and then ask to join. Have a child at more than one school? Repeat the process.

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You will receive an email on August 23 with your child's placement and the teacher's welcome letter!

August 30th Will Be Here Soon!

The first day of school will be here before you know it! I know everyone wants to know teacher assignments. Please be patient. We still have many students registering and I need to make sure I have the classes balanced. I plan to send emails out on 8/23 with teacher placements.

Supplies: Woodland will supply all necessary pencils, pens, crayons, markers, etc. Your child's teacher may ask for more specific items (tissues, wipes, etc.) , but you should have plenty of time to get these few items before school.

Kindergarten students and parents may come to "Sneak-A-Peek" on 8/26 @ 2:00 pm. More information will be sent out Monday about this.

Kindergarten Orientation is a child only event held on 8/30 (first day of school on the calendar). It is called Orientation because students will focus on school procedures and practices on that day.

All transportation information will be posted on Power School on 8/22.


Food Services:

Prices are not increasing this year. Please note that Free & Reduced meals include both breakfast and lunch.

Breakfast Prices: $1.30 Elementary, $1.95 Skyview/Arcola, $2.70 High School. Reduced pricing for breakfast at all levels is $0.30.

Lunch Prices: $2.70 Elementary, $3.00 Skyview/Arcola, $3.20 High School. Reduced pricing for lunch is $0.40. A premium lunch is available at MHS at a cost of $4.15, and at Arcola for $4.00.

There will not be a meal pick up program as we provided during the pandemic.

We will be serving A la Carte as well.

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Dr. Euker