Science Class Mobile Apps

By: Shivee Gupta

ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker

Low cost polling, questionnaire and response system. Compatible with iOs. This is a great formative assessment tool for your students as it provides instant feedback, and you can even directly chat with your students individually in an a safe environment.

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Here is a video outlining some of the key features and the how to's for the app:
ClickerSchool Virtual Clicker Mobile App

The Chemical Touch

Periodic tables are essential to any science classroom from middle to high school. Printed copies work great, however not all of them are the same, and many of them lack certain statistics that students require in order to work out problems. This app makes sure that everything the students could possibly need or want in a periodic table is available at the tip of their fingertips.

Bonus: no more lost or dog-eaten periodic tables! (also provided in 3 other languages)

Cons: the app is 0.99 $ However, I think it is well worth it for a classroom set of devices to have.

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iNaturalist App

This is one of those task redefining applications. Students can take pictures of biodiversity in their area and upload to this ever growing scientific data base where they can connect with other students and scientists about their discoveries.

This application is perfect for a research project or project based lessons. It can be used to collect data from all over the world, or even better data closer to home.

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Science Glossary App

Compatible with Ipad, Iphone and even Ipod touch. Not much of a modifying or redefining tool, however this is a tool that is great for all of your students because who doesn't get caught up with all the big words?

This app can be used alongside an reading assignment and it can help students get the basic knowledge about a specific term or name in their science textbooks instantly. The application also includes quick summaries of certain big topics in science and other useful resources and quizzes to help students study.

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The app even provides pronunciations for some of those really hard to say words:
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Available on iOs and Android devices.

This flashcard application is more of a substitution but does bring some modifying elements to the classroom. The application makes flashcards more accessible and flexible for students allowing for learning that can occur any time, any place and at any pace. Because let's face it your students won't carry their flashcards around as much as they will have their phone or mobile devices on them.

This way they flashcards do not get lost, they can be uploaded to a cloud. They have access to pre-existing decks. Pronunciation is provided in 22 different languages.

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Explain Everything

This is a paid application, but as a future educator I would not mind paying the small fee for this amazing app.

This app can make all of your video making needs as easy as making pie. Hello, flipped classrooms!

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Video explaining how to use the app:
iPads in Schools - How to use Explain Everything App part