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Overview for Fitness Professionals

As a fitness professional you are:

  • passionate about helping others
  • understand that people are capable of more than they realize
  • want the best for others
  • you are a person of influence
  • and my friend - you ROCK!

There are some downsides to being in the fitness profession

Yes, there are downsides to being a fitness professional.

  • You get paid per class or client, therefore if you don't have a class or client there is no income coming in
  • If you get injured you are unable to work and therefore won't get paid
  • No paid vacation
  • No maternity leave
  • Poor compensation
  • Physically demanding
  • There is a limit to how much you can make because you can only physically do so much

You are spending a huge amount of time, energy and passion building a business, building income and building a legacy for SOMEONE ELSE.

Please read that again.

Fitness professionals are working SO HARD because they love and care for member's and clients. Yes, your hard work is making a difference, it is creating health for people and you are helping someone else get WEALTHY.

Gym owners are the ones who are making the massive income, who are benefiting from all of YOUR HARD WORK.

What if you could change that. What if you could continue to do what you love but build a business that will help you thrive while making a massive impact in other's lives.

PLEASE NOTE - I love and respect entrepreneurs and what the owners of these facilities are doing. But if you're like me, you may find you want something more for yourself. I wanted to create a life where I could make a difference and create TIME and FINANCIAL freedom for myself. I needed to take care of ME too!

10 years ago I was in that place.....

Ten years ago I was teaching 8-10 fitness classes a week and I was working part-time as a massage therapist. I was physically exhausted and just getting by. I was trading time for money. I had to work the hour to get paid for the hour which was working out "okay". I was getting by. Because I didn't know any better.

When you know better, you do better.

When I started my business with Arbonne I realized that there was a smarter way to earn an income while still making an impact AND still doing what I loved (teaching fitness).

It was a no brainer.

Building my business allowed me to leave the massage therapy profession (it didn't make sense to do that anymore) and to cut back on classes. No more working hard to make the gym owner wealthy. I started to build wealth and time freedom for myself and my family. More importantly, I was STILL helping others and making impact.

Building my business has allowed me to increase my impact.

Since I started my Arbonne business my life has become full with 3 kids. However, I now get the time freedom of taking them to and from school, teaching only 2 classes a week now (MY choice), working out every morning. I help others improve their health, confidence and wealth. I work on growing myself, volunteering to give back all the while earning a 6 figure income because of Arbonne. I HAVE CHOICE!!! And I want the same for you.

How did I build a business with Arbonne?

As a fitness professional how often have you been asked:

  • What protein shakes do you drink?
  • What do you drink before, during or post workout?
  • How can I lose weight?
  • I feel like I don't have enough energy?
  • I'm looking for a program to help improve my health - what should I do?

We get asked those questions ALL THE TIME?

What if you could say to them, "I have exactly what you need."

With Arbonne, you can recommend quality, clean nutrition products and a 30 Days to Healthy Living nutrition program which focuses on adding HEALTH to someone's life.

No more directing them to someone else's store or someone else's program. Direct them to your own.

Before I started my Arbonne business I was drinking protein shakes, energy drinks, taking vitamins, probiotics, showering, brushing my teeth, wore makeup and deodorant. But I was buying these products from someone else, again making someone else wealthy. Building someone else's dreams.

Once I started Arbonne I bought all of the same kind of products. I just changed my brand. I bought Arbonne products from my own store, and showed others how to do the same.

How often have you purchased something because someone on Social Media recommended it?

Social Media has transformed how people are building business. When I started my Arbonne business 10 years ago no one was using social media in this way. The change happened in the last 5 years. People are ALWAYS recommending things via Instagram or Facebook. Heck, most things I purchase these days I do so because someone I know, like and trust online mentioned it.

We teach our team to build a business in a non-salesy, non-spammy way but building CURIOSITY about our business and products. NOT building RESISTANCE. (you know what I mean, no one wants to go to their news feed and be sold to all the time).

This is the digital age my friend. This is the age of e-commerce. This is the time when people want to look and feel better. And YOU can help them with that!

What are your thoughts?

I could keep going, sharing more information. But I know I have less than 2 minutes to pique your interest. I hope I've done that.

If you are curious about how you can start your Arbonne business for $59 or less (depending on what country you live in) we can do 1 of 2 things:

  1. Schedule a call - I would chat with you to see if this is a fit for you.
  2. I can send more information - I get it, you don't know me and may not feel comfortable yet having a conversation. I don't want that to hold you back. I can send more information if that's what you need.

Take care of yourself.

Don't forget to take care of YOU. You can help others, make a difference, motivate, cheer, encourage others to live their best life.

You deserve the same.

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A little about Arbonne


We innovate using plant-based ingredients grounded in science and clinical research with high standards for safety. Our products are 100% Vegan certified. We collaborate with leading experts in integrative medicine to improve skin and wellbeing. And we believe that a passionate community and connection to nature can help you thrive beyond products.

We believe everyone can flourish, by being good to themselves, their community and the planet.

Michelle Bazinet

Independent Consultant/Executive Regional VP

Certifed Health Coach

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