Freak Shows (1950's)

Jessanique Owens

What is a freak show?

A sideshow at a fair, featuring abnormally developed people or animals.

or an unusual or grotesque event viewed for pleasure. especially when in bad taste.

Who discovered freak shows?

P.T. Barnum

He made millions by capitalizing on this. His "freak shows" brought together an amalgam of people considered to be curiosities. ex( bearded ladies, tattooed men, the severely disfigured, short and tall many of whom forced into the industry as young children.

When was it invented?

in the mid- 16th century, freak shows became popular costumes in England.

Why was it invented?

to be treated as objects of interest and entertainment

How does it work?

Physically usual humans such as those uncommonly large or small those with both male and female secondary sexual characteristics. people with diseases and conditions are expected to be shocking to the viewers.
Stock Footage - Freak Show at a Circus - Bearded Lady, Jack Sprat and Wife 1920s
Late 1950s, early 1960s Freak Show, Carnival
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