The Hunger in North Carolina

The stomachs growling all around you

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Where are we looking at?

Many people believe that hunger is only an issue in rural and developing countries. The fact is hunger is a problem in all parts of the world. It has been shown that hunger issues are stereotypically in Africa or foreign countries. If you were to open your eyes and look around, you could see that people in your state are suffering from hunger. If you look deeper, someone standing next to you could be wondering where their next meal would be coming from, or even if they will get one. The history, causes, seriousness, and how it affects people will be discussed by linking it to hunger in North Carolina. North Carolina is dealing with hunger issues worse than ever. Hunger needs to be solved and there are a few ways that goal can be reached.

What can you do?

It should be encouraged in every community to reach out to help one another. We are all humans dealing with problems of the world. By donating food or money to organizations we can be one step closer to ending hunger in North Carolina. My plan to ending hunger in North Carolina is to take the food that is often wasted and sharing it with the community.
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Donate to Food Banks of North Carolina

Food Banks of North Carolina helps many families in need. They provide millions of meals for citizens of North Carolina.