Lincoln Street News

October-November 2017

November is ‘Safety’ month at Lincoln Street!

Ensure your child’s safety on the internet and on all social media sites. Encourage your student to:

  1. Never share their full name, address, phone numbers, or birth dates.
  2. Never share their password, even with good friends.
  3. Never post pictures without parent approval or tag a picture without permission.
  4. Avoid filling out forms for free giveaways, offers or contests. (Anything that seems “too good to be true” probably is.)
  5. Never respond to threatening messages or anything that makes you feel uncomfortable; report these messages to an adult immediately.
  6. Always stay positive; avoid rumors/negative comments.
  7. Always tell a parent or teacher about any communication that was scary or content that is inappropriate.

It is our responsibility to monitor the use of our student’s devices, particularly those related to social media sites. It is possible to be social AND safe!


We want to ensure your child is here every day, especially in the month of November as it has less school days. We encourage you to make doctor, dentist, or any other appointments after school hours. The following is an excused absence: student illness (fever, vomiting), bereavement, serious illness in the family, inclement weather, religious instruction, family emergency, or court/legal appointment. School begins at 7:45 and we need all students in their classroom before this time to avoid getting a tardy. We want your child to be successful in school. Every day your child is late or miss a day of school, it impacts their learning. Let’s see who wins the best class attendance this new month for a popcorn party!

Club News

  • Lynx Academy is well underway for 2nd-6th grade students
  • Garden club is going strong with the help of our awesome community partners
  • Adelante chicas started this week for students in 4th-6th grade
  • Coding club is starting next Monday for students in 4th and 5th grade

Reminder to parents & guardians

Please remind your child to read 20 minutes each night. Sign your child's planner to confirm the minutes that your child is reading.

Have your child explain this weeks school activities written in their planner.


Mrs. Schmidt, 4th grade


We are working hard to prepare for parent conferences.
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We are so excited to connect with Lincoln Street parents and families on Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday November 8th at parent conferences. You should have received a flyer from your classroom teacher with the specific date and time of your conference. Please contact the office if you have not received this information or need to reschedule your appointment. Come to talk to your students teachers and see all the amazing work that your students are doing in school!